Implementation effects

The result of the automation of logistics processes and the implementation of end-to-end analytics in real time.

Reduction of costs for delivery of 1
kg of products or 1 order to
20 %

5 times reduction in route planning time

logistics cost


optimization of the
number of vehicles

The increase in the quality of delivery to
by reducing delays and increasing the delivery time windows

The payback period of the project is on average up to6months

The system fits

and will be the best solution for retail chains and manufacturers of finished products that deliver goods to end consumers
FMCG distributors
Food delivery
3pl operators

Route Planning

  • Automatic delivery route planning for the whole vehicle fleet to execute all chosen orders.
  • Consider various conditions when calculating routes: distance between points, vehicle cost of use, clients’ time windows, warehouse capacities, freight and transport characteristics, loading/unloading, paperwork time, etc.
  • Determination of optimum loading/unloading.
  • Automatic notifications to clients about delivery time.

Execution control

  • Online vehicle route keeping control. Registration of road deviations (mileage, time, delivery timeliness).
  • Easiness of route replanning in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • The free Rinkai Android application works as a GPS tracker, with route sheets, navigation, client contacts and feedback.

Performance analysis

  • Vehicle use, time windows and time in points analysis.
  • Comprehensive transportation and client analytics in plan vs. actual route performance comparison.
  • The analytics module assesses transportation costs regarding the vehicle fleet, clients and outlets.
  • planning-interface

    Route planning interface

  • plan-actual-GPS

    Plan execution control according to GPS data

  • plan-and-actual-route

    Plan and actual routes

  • pokazateli transporta rinkai 4

    Analytics: transport indicators in ABM Rinkai TMS

  • Plan fakt po mashinam rinkai 5

    Analytics: plan vs. actual analysis in ABM Rinkai TMS

  • OSM-map-with-the-route

    OSM map with routes

  • Analytics: detailed plan vs. actual

Want to see how our algorithms work? Can you plan better?
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Plan your route and deliver your orders with the lowest possible transport costs.

How it works:In this very simplified example, you should not exceed our solution by more than 5%.

  1. Try to deliver all orders of different weights as cheaply as possible.
  2. You have five vehicles with different load capacities and different mileage rates.
  3. Click to include the order in the route of your chosen vehicle.
  4. When you schedule all orders, you could check our solution. You will see the financial comparison against us at the piggy bank.

Results of route optimization TMS

Significant decrease in transportation costs due to quantity and general vehicle mileage reduction, decrease in direct expenses on additional transport and personnel maintenance

  • Decrease in transportation costs by 15-25%
  • Logistician’s time saving. No more than 5-15 minutes spent on all routes creation
  • Minimization of required auto fleet by 7-12% with simultaneous delivery service improvement
  • Total mileage reduction by 10-15%
  • Costs optimization on leasable vehicle fleet by 10-20%
  • Minimization of human influence factor, all calculations (plan, fact, analysis) are automated
  • The actual savings are 3-5 times higher than monthly payment for system

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The companies that use the system

How the system is implemented


Collection of information and identification of bottlenecks in all processes – from the origin of the order to its arrival at the client

Optimization of processes

Recommendations for process improvement, minimization of manual monotonous tasks, development of clear supporting documentation


Direct implementation of TMS – integration with accounting and GPS systems, data verification, training, launch

  • Customer feedback at QualikoEase of use of the system is one of the main advantages of ABM Rinkai, especially for logisticians who work with the system every day. Analyzing work in real-time allows us to keep the highest quality of product delivery. TMS planning the best decision for delivering fresh products and reducing costs.Andie MillaLogistics Coordinator

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Customer Reviews

  • Impressed with the result of our work with ABM Rinkai TMS. A 10% reduction in shipping costs along with a 7% increase in sales.