Inventory System in the Construction Industry: Enhancements from Industry Giants

Managing supply chains in the construction industry is a difficult task. High seasonality, volatile demand, complex logistics, and multi-stage supply chains are just a few of the challenges facing construction…


How BI analytics works and why businesses cannot do without it

Modern business is gradually but inevitably being absorbed by the digital age. It is becoming risky to remain committed to archaic management tools, not only because of the loss of…


TOP 3 steps for effective change inventory management

In today’s BANI world, where everything is changing and competition is at peak levels, it is important to “stay ahead of the game”. However, this is not always an easy…


Inventory Optimization in the Artistic Sphere through SaaS Solution

Making art supplies might seem simple, but creating each drawing, palette, or brush involves a careful process that demands attention to detail and top-notch quality from the manufacturers. In the…


Logistics management in the bread industry. Results of TMS implementation at Concern Hlibprom

Reducing logistics costs in the bread industry can be a catalyst for significant business growth. Companies in the bread industry typically have a large fleet of vehicles, which can be…


Calculation of optimal routes and dynamic planning in distribution

Calculating delivery routes is the main task when planning delivery routes. The example of the leading companies shows helps to navigate the modern technologies for calculating the delivery route that…


Delivery at the right time for optimal performance of your business

Successful companies operating in the HoReCa sector know how important it is to put customer needs first, and make grocery delivery as fast as possible. By making sure that customers…


Automated freight transport with ABM Rinkai TMS

Automated freight transport with ABM Rinkai TMS allows the company to provide high-quality delivery services and save up to 25% on transportation costs. The feasibility of automating and optimizing cargo…


Automation of product delivery, finished goods, commodities, cargoes

Automation of product delivery has its own characteristics, depending on the type of product or commodity. Automation of delivery of finished goods to stores, kiosks, and other points of sale…


Optimal route planning for targeted delivery of the goods

  How to organize the planning of targeted delivery routes. What problems do companies face in the process of targeted delivery and how to solve them using modern IT solutions,…


Transportation logistics automation

Automation of transport logistics and logistics optimization with ABM Rinkai TMS can significantly reduce costs: up to 10% of the cost per 1 km of delivery, up to 12% of…


ABM Rinkai TMS delivery route program

ABM Rinkai TMS – delivery routing software with reduced shipping costs ABM Rinkai TMS is an effective program for constructing delivery routes, which provides ample opportunities for reducing transportation costs….

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