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Market leader in the production of sausage and meat delicacies. The production of meat processing plant Yuvileynyy is organized on the principle of a closed production cycle with full control of all stages of production. The territory of production is 8 hectares.
13 000
brand stores
units of transport
1 000
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Automate delivery route planning, plan delivery routes based on available orders and transportation, taking into account their peculiarities (time windows, temperature conditions).
Analyze vehicle utilization and cost of delivery to stores.
Operationally monitor the execution of the route.

Project progress

During the task, key factors that affect logistics were identified and corrected, the approach to delivery path planning was changed, automatic information exchange was configured and ABM Rinkai TMS was adapted to the company's business processes.

Delivery point geo-coordinates, customer time windows have been completely updated.

This reduced transportation losses already in the first month of operation.

Changed the approach to route planning from district-by-district to dynamic.
Connected ABM Rinkai TMS to GPS tracking, allowing the plan-fact report to become active.
In cooperation with the developers of the accounting system, automatic data exchange between the systems was set up.

This ensured that orders were loaded promptly and the generated route plans were uploaded to the accounting system.

After 6 months of cooperation it was decided to scale up the project and implement ABM Rinkai system in the rest of the company's branches.

Implementation results

Results obtained for Yuvileynyy Meat Processing Plant

During the project, the routing process was optimized and reconfigured. We managed to reduce fuel consumption and optimize the activities of the vehicle fleet and logistics department employees. It became possible to analyze and control each stage of delivery.

15 %
Optimizing the number of vehicles in the fleet
15 %
Optimization of personnel in the logistics department
12 %
Reduction of fuel consumption per unit of exported products
6 %
Reduction of transportation costs

Qualitative results

  • Improved delivery quality and increased customer loyalty.
  • Minimize the impact of the logistician's skill set on the bottom line.
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