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Metro Cash&Carry

Metro Cash&Carry is one of the world's largest retailers, an international chain of wholesale and retail stores. Represented in 31 countries, it has 13 stores in the Czech Republic, 6 in Slovakia, 6 in Poland, and 26 in Ukraine.
255 000
3 000
deliveries daily
€63 млрд
annual turnover
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Increase the number of deliveries without having to increase the number of vehicles.
Timely deliveries, maintenance on schedule.
Optimization of transportation routes, their formation taking into account available orders.
Optimize driver movement and route navigation.
Analyzing product delivery in real time.

Project progress

Formation of optimal transportation routes based on available orders
Implementation of GPS tracking, driver navigation on the route
Automatic sending of routes to the driver
Control of route fulfillment in logistics in online mode

Implementation results

Results obtained for Metro Cash&Carry

With the implementation of the ABM Rinkai TMS it was possible to significantly reduce the load on logisticians, increase sales without purchasing additional vehicles, automate the process of route building, and optimize delivery to end customers.

13 %
Reduced shipping costs
11 %
Sales growth in the first 6 months
80 %
The number of late deliveries has been reduced

Qualitative results

  • Automated execution of quality dynamic route planning has significantly reduced the workload of logisticians
  • Managed to increase sales without purchasing additional vehicles by optimizing routes
  • Reduction in total kilometers
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