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Distribution Management

Automated management of distribution processes within the company has never been easier: Distribution Management is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the management of sales agents and facilitate efficient B2B e-commerce sales.

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Key Challenges in Distribution and Manufacturing Management

Incorrect warehouse balances

Incorrect warehouse balances lead to discrepancies in inventory management, affecting sales team efficiency.

Limited Team Management Control

The absence of proper automation hampers the ability to monitor and manage sales team activities effectively.

Lack of Analytics

Without a system of analysis and reporting, it is difficult to determine effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

Reliance on a Single Sales Channel

No opportunities for a sales outlet to form a regular order whenever convenient, not only when a sales agent comes in.

High-cost outlet visits

Costs associated with visiting the sales outlet cannot be reduced.

Managing Illiquid Outlets

Illiquid outlets require regular visits from the sales team, which drains valuable resources.

Solution for Distribution and Manufacture Management

ABM Digital Distribution and ABM B2B Portal programs

Advanced distribution management module

Advanced distribution management module

Our cutting-edge module empowers company management with real-time monitoring capabilities over the distribution process. Distributors can track sales agents' movements and customer meetings, enabling efficient planning and productivity enhancement

Automation and Training

Automation and Training

Easy integration of your ERP system with cloud solutions. Preparing and training your sales team to work in the SaaS environment

Efficient Order Processing

Efficient Order Processing

The system collects and organizes order information from customers to help ensure fast and quality processing

Sales Analysis Tools

Sales Analysis Tools

The system provides convenient tools for analyzing sales, allowing distributors to obtain useful information about product and market demand

Transformation of distribution

Transformation of distribution

Our solution optimizes and reduces the frequency of visits, allowing agents to focus on expanding product assortments and targeting high-potential points of sale

Added Value for Customers

Added Value for Customers

Order at any convenient time, bonus program as additional income, quick feedback on the order, release of orders via email, intelligent prompts to expand the assortment

Improved performance guaranteed

Increase in sales agent productivity
30 %
20 %
Higher average checks at a point of sale
10-80 %
Increase in the Strike Rate
20 %
Boost in the number of sales outlets per sales representative
Up to 35% reduction in the cost of a point-of-sale visit
35 %
more time for a live presentation of your product
2 x

Results of our cooperation with clients

  • Privat-Alco Alcoholic Beverages

    Thanks to your system and the well-coordinated work of our team we managed double our sales in a year. We would also like to note the quick feedback we can get from your managers.



    Automated the work of sales representatives

    Scaled up quickly 

  • Geyser Plumbing

    Your program is the Mercedes in software. It provides all the tools for Sales Agents and Supervisors. With a clear numerical expression by indicators, we can respond quickly to the challenges of our time.


    profit growth in some TTs


    increase in the number of outlets



    growth in attendance at TT

  • ASK Confectionery Factory

    The Alt program allowed us to optimize the process of sales team management, create and edit routes in a timely and efficient manner, track plan/actual visits to sales outlets, set tasks, and control their implementation.


    increase in sales


    increase in AKB


    increase in the number of outlets

  • Etalon Trading House Dairy Products

    Thank you for the important improvements you have made for us. The most important thing I can highlight is the integration of the data from the store checks into the representation reports, which resulted in crucial out-of-stock information.



    increase in sales



    increase in representation by outlet



    growth of outlets

  • FADO Plumbing

    We are satisfied with the results of the implementation and we have achieved our goals. The program allows us to track the movements of sales representatives online, conveniently and quickly share photos from the outlet



    Increase in the Strike Rate



    Increase in the customer base



    Higher average checks

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