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Shelf Space Management

Retail merchandising with the ABM Shelf cloud service. Optimization and automation of in-store merchandising, shelf space management, planogram development.

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Ineffective Merchandising Key Indicators

Planogram creation is manual and time consuming

You notice that your staff spends too much time creating, implementing and optimizing planograms.

Products are placed on shelves without sales analysis

Planograms are created based on agreements with suppliers and the intuition of the categorizer. This often results in lost sales and inefficient use of retail space.

There is no optimal product matrix

Most of the display is taken up by passive products.

Store display is controlled manually

A category manager or merchandiser travels to retail stores and inspects the display on the shelves. Or a store associate sends a photo of the shelf and claims it is fresh.

Low sales of related products

There is no increase in the sales of the main assortment due to the sale of related products.

Wrong placement of sales departments

"Dead zones" are created and sales decrease.

ABM Shelf solves the challenges of shelf space management

Create planograms quickly

Create planograms quickly

ABM Shelf tools allow you to import planograms from Excel, create automatic layouts based on a rule, and modify them by dragging and dropping.

Shelf placement based on analytics

Shelf placement based on analytics

Use a variety of tools and rules to create an outline based on data such as sales, margin, turnover, etc.

Effective placement of related products

Effective placement of related products

Increase partner sales by testing different placements

Control shelf display with a mobile application

Control shelf display with a mobile application

After the planogram is published, it is automatically sent as a task to the store associate. After completing the task, the store associate sends a photo of the current shelf.

Rapid rotation of merchandise on the shelves

Rapid rotation of merchandise on the shelves

Promotions and seasonal changes are done in a few steps and clicks.

Store cluster display management

Store cluster display management

You don't need to create a planogram for each store. Change the layout once in the fixture and all changes will be reflected in all stores in the cluster.

What will you get?

more sales per meter
up to 15 %
27 %
increase in income
35 %
of the assortment is optimized
reduced time spent working with planograms
80 %

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