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Retail inventory management

Inventory management

With ABM Inventory software, you can efficiently manage inventory in retail chain. It is designed for autonomous forecasting, demand planning, automated ordering, timely replenishment of stocks, and ensuring the smooth operations at each level of the supply chain against ever-changing conditions of the retail industry.

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How inefficient inventory management can be identified

Unbalanced assortment

The most popular items are often out of stock, and unmarketable goods clutter up the warehouse and shelves.

Lost sales occur

The average level of goods availability is 80% or less.

Inventory shortage

With increasing warehouse space and staffing levels.

High levels of surplus

Unmarketable goods can impede turnover, leading to either write-offs or the necessity to sell them at reduced prices.

Stock spoilage increases

Overstock, shortages in orders generated and received.

Additional expenses

For moving goods between storage points and urgent shipments.

Solving Challenges with ABM Inventory

Optimize operations and increase revenue<br />

Optimize operations and increase revenue

Efficiently manage inventory by automating replenishment processes, saving both time and money. Enhance sales with comprehensive analysis of stock balances.

Eliminate inventory management errors

Eliminate inventory management errors

Leverage the high accuracy of ABM Inventory to prevent errors that can result in overstock or shortages.

Attain Transparency in stock flow

Attain Transparency in stock flow

Access timely and transparent information on the movement of goods in stores.

Streamline inventory management

Streamline inventory management

Consolidate your retail inventory management operations within a unified software environment.

Optimize the efficiency of your inventory

Optimize the efficiency of your inventory

The solution enables in-depth analysis of your inventory management performance.

Revolutionize your retail chain

Revolutionize your retail chain

Benefit from affordable pricing for an innovative solution designed for both large and small retailers.

Over 500 companies worldwide have already automated their business processes with our solutions.

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What effects can be achieved:

increase in sales
8 %
50 %
surplus reduction
30 %
faster turnover
50 %
fewer lost sales
less manual labor
80 %
6 month
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