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Bidfood has been one of the leading distributors and wholesale suppliers of food products in Lithuania for 20 years. It works with both its own brands and supplier brands.
12 000
processing of orders
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Project objectives

Identify weaknesses in delivery planning and understand how to work with them.
Customize the delivery so that it would be possible to provide services to individual customers first without losing service.
Set up a flexible system that can adapt to new needs.

Project progress

Analyzing all points of the report and training on how to read it correctly.
Determine an action plan, calculate which stage of delivery has the most problems, and prioritize tasks.
The process of the implementation team's work continued until the problem with the logistician and the branch was resolved, that is, until the system was fully customized to the customer's needs.

ABM TMS solution for Bidfood

Audit results for January 2022
Audit results for July 2022

Results of implementation

Results for Bidfood:

11 %
Reduce shipping costs
18 %
Reducing the mileage
4 %
Reduction of the used vehicle fleet

Quality results

  • Improving the quality of delivery.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Customization of the system in accordance with the company's requests.
  • Reducing the workload of the logistician and reducing the influence of the human factor in the calculation of logistics routes.
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