Financial management

Create a single consolidated financial system and manage business efficiency with ABM Finance.
Get financial reports online to make operational management decisions.

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What effects can be achieved

management decisions are made faster
10 times
5 %
reduction of operating costs
90 %
faster receipt of financial statements
30 %
reduction in the number of cash gaps
1 %
confirmation of payment requests in Telegram

What does the lack of automation in the financial system lead to?

Everyone works according to different rules

There is no unified accounting system in which all divisions work according to unified rules and plan their financial activities

Management reporting is untimely and time-consuming

Financial information is kept in Excel and the situation in the company is clear only in a month, so it is impossible to make decisions today

Errors in the numbers and truthfulness of data in financial reports.

There is no way to delve into the original document and verify the information entered

There are no tools for the financier

There is no full-fledged management reporting package (Balance, P&L, CashFlow)

It takes a long time to compare planned data with actual data

Heads of departments cannot see the plan and the actual online and analyse deviations

Inefficient management of the company

There is no business management "console" and no control over key performance indicators (KPIs) of the company's departments and divisions

With ABM Finance you will get

Personalised financial management system

Personalised financial management system

Get a customised financial system for your business from creating a methodology to implementing a turnkey financial product

Financial reporting at the touch of a button<br />

Financial reporting at the touch of a button

Get timely and accurate financial reports with the ability to drill down to the source document to verify information

A single consolidated financial system

A single consolidated financial system

Automation of budgeting, management accounting, payment calendar, IFRS, treasury in a single consolidated system

Financial management methodology

Financial management methodology

Create an effective system that promptly and accurately displays data on the activities of the entire company

Simple and convenient budgeting

Simple and convenient budgeting

Use flexible budgeting with the ability to quickly change the scenario in 1 day



Set up a convenient and prompt payment calendar.
Approve money requests in Telegram in 1 minute, wherever you are in the world



Implement a corporate infrastructure that automatically generates IFRS reporting

Operational plan-actual analysis

Operational plan-actual analysis

Move to a system that automatically collects information and allows you to compare budget and actuals TODAY

Attracting investments

Attracting investments

Transparency and automation of the company's financial management attracts investors, because they openly see the investments made and the results of the company's activity

More than 500 companies trust us to automate their financial systems

More about clients

The results of our clients

  • Setting up and automating the financial management system at Terrafood Holding

    Thanks to the automation of the financial system, the holding reduced the planning process by 90% and improved the quality of the information received.
    The client uses a transparent and comparable plan-fact and a single nomenclature of raw materials.



    Improved the quality of the information received

    Holding reduced the planning process

  • Development and automation of a comprehensive financial system for Quarter Partners

    An integrated treasury, budgeting, management accounting and reporting system was created.

    The labour intensity of report preparation has been reduced

    Their efficiency and quality have improved

    The company received an effective business management tool

  • Comprehensive implementation of ABM Finance for MedPharmHolding

    Optimisation of all business processes simultaneously in three business areas.

    A central management accounting database was created.

    Accurate end-to-end and scenario planning, as well as forecasting of key performance indicators for the year ahead, have been implemented.

    The marginal profitability of the business has increased.

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