Assortment Management

Our main goal is to accelerate business processes, make assortment management more transparent for offline and online stores, and simplify this process with innovative algorithms.

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Category Management Challenges

Assortment inadaptability

Lack of ability to adapt quickly to market changes

Lost sales

Can result from insufficient control over the availability of goods in stores or its irrelevance

Intuitive decision making

Assortment optimization not driven by data, but only by gut feeling

Centralize assortment management

Lack of a unified standard and centralized approach to working with categories

Focus on operational work only

Heavy workload for managers leads to lack of time to address strategic issues

Opacity of reporting

Distorted perception of data leads to incorrect conclusions and therefore ineffective decisions

Universal solution ABM Assortment

Strategic vision of the assortment

Strategic vision of the assortment

Create a strategy for your categories and review it regularly based on results. The system will advise you on what needs to be improved to meet your goals.

Easy product lifecycle management

Easy product lifecycle management

The system implements a wide classifier of goods, a module for managing their status and many other tools for managing them.

Centralization and standardization of management

Centralization and standardization of management

A single set of assortment management tools for all managers, taking into account such stages as planning, analysis and optimization.

Store clustering

Store clustering

Group stores using automatic clustering based on specified parameters and make quick decisions.

Deep analysis and algorithmic insights

Deep analysis and algorithmic insights

The system includes 11 reports for analyzing products, sales and suppliers. If SKU performance could be improved, the system will tell you what to focus on.

Report transparency and easy-to-use interface

Report transparency and easy-to-use interface

All data is available in one solution: no need to combine dozens of tables or go to BI system analysts.

With ABM Assortment you get

Algorithm-based suggestions
Deep analytics for assortment optimization
Growth of business indicators
Saving time for managers
Inventory quantity optimization
Unified category management process

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