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Loyalty Management

A marketing tool for creating and managing loyalty programs in retail. Loyalty Management increases the rate of repeat purchases, contributes to the growth of the average check, and strengthens relationships with your customers.

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Typical Issues:

Challenges of dealing with a large volume of data.

Without a proper tool for data analysis and customer segmentation, only low-quality information is available.

No tools for analyzing effectiveness.

No effectiveness analysis means not enough customer information for managing marketing activities.

Personalized offers for customers cannot be created.

In such a case, existing customers leave without becoming loyal.

The percentage of new customers and customer churn rate are not considered.

You cannot manage what is not measured.

Lack of integration between communication channels with customers.

No real-time transmission of information on marketing activities. No one is responsible for managing customer communications.

The marketing department is overwhelmed with hundreds of tasks.

No unified customer management tool. Lack of systematic reporting, transparent analytics, and marketing department KPIs.

Problem Resolution

Identification: <br />


The use of loyalty cards or a mobile application ensures customer identification during purchases.

Data Collection:

Data Collection:

The more you know about your users, the more effective your offers and campaigns will be. Data is collected during registration, with every purchase made by the customer, when contacting the hotline, and participating in surveys.



Obtain information about the most active, passive, regular, and irregular customers. Identify the most purchased items and items that bring maximum profit. Compare performance across all points of sale.



Form customer groups based on demographic data or consumer behavior. Conduct targeted campaigns and promotions, rewarding participation and activity.

Customer Retention and Acquisition:

Customer Retention and Acquisition:

Create attractive offers, add emotional elements to sales, and maintain customer interest.

Network Revenue Increase:

Network Revenue Increase:

Stimulate repeat purchases and increase average transaction value using customer loyalty program tools.

What you get:

The frequency of visits
increases by
1.5 x
10 %
increase in total sales
20 %
higher average checks of a loyalty program members
than those of ordinary customers
50 %
Reducing customer churn by
Increase in the effectiveness of promotions through personalized campaigns
2 x

Over 500 companies have entrusted us with business automation.

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Results of Our Clients

  • Case of the grocery store chain “Lotok”

    Thanks to the experience of collaboration and interaction with ABM Loyalty partners, the project was successfully implemented within 3 months.

    Increase in the number of network customers +55,000 daily

    Growth in the average check from 46 to 63 units

    Increase in the average number of items per check

  • Case of the pharmacy chain “Lekar”

    Implementation of a loyalty program for the “Lekar” pharmacy chain in Kyrgyzstan.

    The average check is 3.5 times higher for identified customers compared to unidentified ones.

    Increased customer loyalty.

    Developed a mobile application and personal account

  • Case of “Intertop Kazakhstan”

    Thanks to ABM Loyalty, we were able to obtain a high-quality customer base, collect purchase history, and manage communication with participants through the most common channels.



    The company’s turnover and profit increased

    The average check with a loyalty card is 20% higher than without.

    The number of sales with a loyalty card at Intertop is twice as high as without a card.

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