Engin is a regional leader in the distribution market of Azerbaijan. The company is an official distributor of Procter & Gamble, Selpak, Pringles, and others. It has 85 vehicles in its fleet, 1 warehouse in Baku, and 6 warehouses in the regions.
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Project Goals

Automate the route planning process
Reduce costs and optimize the operation of the vehicle fleet
Control and analyze the delivery process at all stages

Project Progress

During the execution of the tasks, key factors influencing logistics were identified and addressed. Automatic information exchange was set up, and the ABM Rinkai TMS system was adapted to the company's business processes.

Data Verification and GPS Integration

The coordinates of all delivery points were verified, and integration with the GPS tracking system was established. The mapping service was updated according to the customer's requirements.

Improving the Efficiency of Vehicle Utilization

The vehicle load increased, resulting in a reduced number of vehicles needed. Integration through web services with the customer's accounting system was configured, enabling prompt loading of orders into the Rinkai system and uploading of routes back to the accounting system.

Development of a Plan-Actual Control for Route Execution

- Reporting and control of departure/arrival times at the warehouse are maintained, along with monitoring the route execution and deviations in loading time at each point;
- periodically, recalculation and updating of loading times are conducted based on statistics and historical data from the previous period for each delivery point;
- different types of goods and the possibility of their combination are taken into account;
- delivery region is also considered in the planning and execution of routes.


The main warehouse in Baku and 6 regional warehouses have been launched.

Implementation results

Results obtained for Engin

14 %
Reduced overruns (at launch the figure was 21.8%, as a result 7.6%)
14 %
Increase in the required number of delivery vehicles while increasing the active customer base by 35%
13 %
Increase in the average number of points per 1 vehicle

Qualitative changes

  • The automation of the route planning process resulted in a fourfold reduction in planning time.
  • The level of service and customer loyalty has increased.
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