Myronivsky Hliboproduct is a leading European poultry producer with one of the strongest brands, accounting for 60% of all industrial chicken production in Ukraine. The company exports its products to 87 countries worldwide. MHP's operations are largely vertically integrated. The company is 100% self-sufficient in its feed. In its strategy, it focuses on strict cost control. MHP's poultry production costs are among the lowest in the industry, and the company is actively working to optimize operating costs.
international brands
12 000
tons of meat is produced daily
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Project prerequisites

High level of logistics costs. Top management decided to reduce costs by 10%.
High level of mileage to be reduced by 5%.
Lack of statistical data to calculate the delivery cost per 1 kg of delivered products.

Project progress

Integration of ABM Rinkai TMS functionality

Routes for 4 types of products were planned, taking into account the temperature conditions of each product. We also took into account the specifics of the vehicle fleet.

Working with employees

Working with branch staff and making about 2,000 changes to the OMS map to update truck restrictions. This made the planned routes 100% realistic and not in violation of traffic rules.

Data harmonization

We adjusted the geographic coordinates of the points so that the routes loaded into the app would lead the driver to the desired building and directly to the ramp.

Customizing analytics

The project customized over 20 new schedules and 17 metrics to effectively meet project goals, including driver and department-wide evaluation metrics.

Scaling the system to other branches of the company (UAE, Serbia)

Implementation results

Results achieved for Myronivsky Hliboproducts

As a result of the project, the actual mileage was almost identical to the planned mileage. In addition, the adaptation of new drivers was greatly simplified and there was no need for two weeks of training with a more experienced driver to memorize routes.

30 %
Decreased unloading time at the point
The level of overruns was reduced by a factor of 3
8 %
The average number of points on the route has increased
70 %
Late arrival rate decreased

Qualitative changes

  • Creating a portal where the customer can go to the website and check when the car with the product will arrive
  • GPS monitoring shows the customer where their vehicle is and how long it has been parked at a point online
  • Procurement of tablets that provide drivers with convenient route guidance
  • Customizing the analytics module
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