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Epicur (Volodymyr-Volyn Poultry Farm) is a producer of chicken meat grown without antibiotics and growth stimulants. The company has 11 growing sites and 100 poultry farmers.
3 000 hectare
of land for growing grain
1 500
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Optimize route planning
Ensure the fulfillment of routes
Create delivery control

Project Progress

Processes were audited

We analyzed the transportation process, warehouse operations, and related documentation.

Integration set up

The ability to exchange information between the accounting system and the transport resource management system (TMS) was introduced. This data exchange includes the transfer of information about orders, vehicle availability, and route plans between the accounting system and the TMS. In addition, the ability to control the execution of routes through the movement control system and TMS was also implemented.

Launch of routing of the pilot branch in Kyiv

We trained staff and supported them in the first planning stages. We carried out a planned and actual analysis of route performance and adjusted indicators.

Scaling to other branches

Results of TMS implementation

Results for Epicurus

During cooperation, we achieved transparent and standardized automatic routing, minimizing vehicle overloads, delays, and overruns. It became possible to receive reliable data in real-time. The level of service has significantly increased due to the quality of compliance with customer conditions.

10 %
reduced delivery costs
99 %
reducing the number of unvisited points

Qualitative changes

  • Increasing logistician productivity, minimizing the impact of the «human factor» and the adaptation time of new employees
  • Availability of information on the actual flight plan, vehicle operation history, and delay prediction
  • Miscalculations with the carrier on the planned route mileage and timeliness of delivery
  • Time window hit rate improved by 10 times
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