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Logistics management KG Group is one of the largest business groups in the agriculture and food industry in the Baltic States. They create 300 new products annually.
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Project Objectives

Optimize the route building process and take into account various delivery constraints
Move from printed versions with a list of delivery points to itinerary sheets or a mobile app with a planned sequence of visits
Reduce paperwork and work only with digital data
Set up automated reporting with the ability to upload data and build reports in a third party system

Project progress

Working out the entire delivery process

Time windows of delivery points were calculated and geo-graphic coordinates were generated based on addresses.

Creating a route sheet for the driver

Thanks to this step, the efficiency of each unit in the fleet has been significantly improved. The driver immediately sees the roads and destinations in the correct sequence of visits.

Delivery control mechanism is in place

It became possible to track the time a driver arrived at a point and the time he or she spent there.

Implementation results

Results obtained for KG Group:

<3 %
Reduced late delivery of products
10 %
Increased utilization of vehicle payload capacity

Qualitative results

  • Automated route planning
  • Route sheets and analytics are available
  • TMS optimizes the transportation process and consolidates all information
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