ABM Cloud Solutions are used by companies in many industries. We are proud of our clients’ business results that were obtained with ABM Cloud solutions: income growth, costs reduction, agile reaction to changes in market demand, service level and customer loyalty improvement.

  • Inventory Management

    High level of goods availability with optimum inventories in the system.

    Inventory management according to Theory of Constraints provides a required amount of each SKU in all points of storage taking into account demand. Out-of-stock and over-stock level reduction, cost reduction, working capital release.
    For retail and distribution.
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  • Manufacturing Inventory Management

    Continuous stock availability to meet the actual demand.

    High delivery reliability and continuous stock availability in the right place in required quantity.
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  • Loyalty management

    Omnicanalnaya loyalty platform, integrated with the CRM system.

    Identification of the buyer, encouraging repeat sales, automatic calculation of personalized rewards for each SKU, increasing the amount of the average check, forming affection for the company and the brand.
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  • Managing distribution and sales representatives

    Innovative solution for distribution.

    Automation of agent management and distribution with ABM Digital Distribution improves the quality of logistics processes, improves the financial performance of the company, does not require the cost of expensive software for logistics, as it is cloudy and is leased.
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  • Warehouse automation

    Warehouse business processes accounting and control

    Business processes automation on warehouses of differnent size and type
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  • Transportation management

    Delivery to all points in time with minimum expenses!

    Automatic ring route planning in several minutes, taking into account time windows, cost of cars, movement speed, time in points, types of freights, and other restrictions. Result – the cheapest set of routes for every day, automatic customer notification, driver navigation, plan vs. actual analysis, complex analytics, including the cost of each delivery in routes! A cloud service which rental is less than its cost-effectiveness.
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Implement a cloud-based transport management system ABM Rinkai TMS to reduce transportation costs, improve the level of client service, and provide the accurate delivery of orders.

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