Warehouse management

Automation of warehouse accounting in the system
ABM WMS is a comprehensive logistics solution for managing warehouses of various sizes and types.

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What customer challenges are we solving?

«Hot» or quick inventory

In the absence of a warehouse automation system, there is no way to take an inventory without stopping the warehouse. This entails additional costs for the business

Compliance with storage conditions and expiration dates

Failure to comply with the conditions leads to damage to goods, write-offs, which can lead to delays in delivery times, and deterioration of relations with partners and customers. Warehouse automation helps to control these processes

Efficient placement of goods in the warehouse

Incorrect placement of goods in the warehouse without taking into account the turnover and weight characteristics causes a lack of space for operations and increases order processing time

Minimize overdue deliveries, downtime, underloads, and warehouse emergencies

Without a system for prioritizing orders, automatically distributing tasks among employees, and managing the unloading/loading queue, such problems are common. This leads to a low level of service and, as a result, to a deterioration in customer loyalty

Lack of dependence on warehouse employees and reduction in the number of staff

Without an automation system, as a rule, a certain warehouse employee knows his or her group of goods or operations. In his/her absence/resignation, it takes a long time to restore normal operation according to his/her process. With automation, all employees are interchangeable, and new ones can start working after 3 hours of introductory training. And due to the growth of labor productivity, it is possible to reduce the number of staff or increase the turnover

Transparent warehouse accounting and analytics

Thanks to address storage and online work, management always knows where, what and with what parameters is in the warehouse. All processes are monitored in real time. In turn, the availability of a large block of analytics and logging of all processes allows you to get up-to-date data on warehouse performance and make prompt adjustments if necessary

Solving challenges with ABM WMS

Manage all processes in a single window

Manage all processes in a single window

Full automation and optimization of the main processes in the warehouse (receiving, placing, picking, controlling, packing, inventory of goods, etc.). Real-time control of warehouse and staff activities

Don't stop the work of the warehouse

Don't stop the work of the warehouse

Carry out full or partial inventories at any time without stopping the main processes

Improve service quality

Improve service quality

Complete absence of claims on re-sorting and shortages on the part of customers, 100% identification of any goods. Increase the pace of order processing

Reduce the influence of human factor<br />

Reduce the influence of human factor

Minimize errors in warehouse operations, reduce the number of shortages and re-sortings

Increase warehouse productivity

Increase warehouse productivity

Gain the ability to increase the number of SKUs in circulation without sacrificing picking speed or increasing storage space

What effects can be achieved?

reduction of time for processing of requests and orders for the supply of goods and materials
35 %
20 %
increasing the efficiency of warehouse space utilization
99.99 %
increased picking accuracy
stocktaking without stopping the warehouse
increase in the productivity of warehouse personnel from
30 %
increase in inventory turnover from
25 %

More than 500 companies trust us with business automation

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Our customers' results

  • Aversi Pharma

    Full automation of warehouse operations and abandonment of paper-based work in favor of DCTs.



    reduction in the number of complaints



    picking accuracy

    tracking the step-by-step movement of goods in the warehouse

  • Medicare Medical Supplies

    Real-time control of warehouse and staff activities.



    reduction of errors



    reduction of oversorting



    picking accuracy

  • ALLO Technics and electronics

    Ability to scale WMS to meet the fast-growing needs of the company.



    productivity of warehouse personnel



    efficiency of warehouse space utilization



    increase in speed of goods picking

  • Citrus Technics and electronics

    Increased order processing rates. Carrying out full or partial inventories at any time without stopping the main processes.



    reduction in the number of re-sorting



    reduction in the number of errors

    possibility to conduct hot inventories

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