Dark Store launch and management

A solution that will allow retailers to scale their business online, while distributors and manufacturers will open the way to the B2C market. Dark Store is a warehouse-supermarket that collects goods to form online orders and further transfer to delivery.

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What business problems ABM Cloud's Dark Store solves

Lack of additional sales channels

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers who work exclusively in the classic offline scheme are stymied by the impossibility of expansion without significant costs

High percentage of substitutions

Due to the lack of a tool for controlling the balance of goods and promptly updating the assortment for the customer, in 20% of orders it is necessary to make a replacement of goods. In turn, this leads to additional workload for both pickers and call-center

Inaccurate order picking

Lack of zone and control of order picking. The customer receives an incomplete order or some items are added to the order erroneously. This has a negative impact on the customer experience

Excessive paperwork

Without automation of warehouse and logistics processes, all documentation on Dark Store operations has to be maintained in Excel spreadsheets and work with a lot of paper documentation. This leads to problems with process integration and errors in order collection and delivery

High aggregator fees

When you go online using an aggregator, a significant percentage of your income goes to pay for its services

New opportunities with the move online

Diversify risks

Diversify risks

The market is changing super fast and only flexible businesses can actively develop in times of change. Diversification of risks will allow through additional channels to quickly adapt to new conditions. And also, to suffer less losses, if there are difficulties in the work of the main channel of income

Additional sales channel

Additional sales channel

With AMB Cloud's Dark Store, you can create a strong sales channel with minimal costs and launch in just 6 months

Expand your coverage area

Expand your coverage area

Delivering products within the radius of your warehouse will cover a larger territory and attract new customers

Increase margins

Increase margins

Improve order picking accuracy. A 70% increase in picking quality will increase your business margins by 4%

Optimize your delivery process

Optimize your delivery process

Automate your logistics processes to increase profitability and reduce shipping costs by up to 20%

Attract more multichannel shoppers

Attract more multichannel shoppers

Among customers who use online and offline channels to shop, the average revenue per customer is more than 2x higher than single-channel customers

What effects can be achieved

increase business margin
by 4 %
90 %
delivery of goods from the first time
100 %
Increase in delivery quality
automation of staff work and reduction of delivery time
reduction of substitutions up to
3 %

Dark Store Tools

Warehouse management
Selection of goods
Available courier routes
Working with orders in the courier application
Order statuses
  • Managed warehouse: acceptance, shipment, storage, picking of goods

  • Automatic planning and grouping of orders, selection of containers

  • Online warehouse balances

  • Online picking in the warehouse and on the sales floor

  • Creation of route sheets

  • Selection of weight products from the sales area

  • Picking goods without scanning (for tablet and TSD)

  • List of available routes

  • Displaying the route on the map

  • Automatic distribution of orders between couriers

  • Confirmation of readiness for the route

  • Acceptance/rejection of the route for the specified reasons

  • Delivery / partial delivery / non-delivery due to customer refusal of the goods

  • Order tracker

  • Sending a check to the customer

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Our customer results

  • Case of NOVUS supermarket chain Retail

    One of the largest chains of supermarkets, shopping centers and stores in Ukraine increased revenue by reducing the percentage of aggregator after opening its own Dark Store

    Reduced substitutions from 20% to 3%

    Speed of order picking increased

    Assembly accuracy improved

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Dark Store — digital retail transformation

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