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ABM Rinkai TMS delivery route program

ABM Rinkai TMS delivery route program

ABM Rinkai TMS delivery route program

ABM Rinkai TMS is an effective program for constructing delivery routes, which provides ample opportunities for reducing transportation costs. Due to the optimal generation of delivery routes and taking into account all limitations, such as distance, delivery cost, time windows, weight, dimensions, etc., the program allows you to reduce your transportation costs by more than 15-25%. In addition, ABM Rinkai TMS provides a comprehensive analysis of the key parameters of transport use and management, which can increase the productivity of the existing fleet by 10%. The program has a user-friendly web interface and mobile application on the Android platform for drivers, which allows them to get information about the routes of delivery in real time. The system provides logistics managers, company owners, and logisticians with ample opportunities to implement a comprehensive strategy to reduce transportation costs.

Features of the program system for building a delivery route

  • Optimal creation of delivery routes;
  • Routing taking into account all restrictions: kilometrage, delivery cost, time windows, weight and dimensions, and passive interruption time in the warehouse;
  • Calculation of unit delivery cost;
  • Comprehensive analysis of the key parameters of transport use and management;
  • Comparison of the plan and the actual result of the routes;
  • Functional mobile application on the Android platform for drivers;
  • Integration with your accounting system;
  • Rationalization in the use of the hired fleet;
  • Simulation of the financial result depending on the choice of transport.

Advantages of ABM Rinkai TMS delivery routing software

ABM Rinkai TMS is an effective and convenient tool that has proven its effectiveness in practice.

  • Reducing transport costs by more than 15-25%.
  • Optimal use of transport resources to fulfill 100% of orders.
  • Total kilometers reduction by 10-15%.
  • Economical distribution of points by routes.
  • Fleet optimization by 7-12%.
  • Involvement of a minimum number of vehicles for maximum coverage of points.
  • Increase in productivity of the existing vehicle fleet by 10%.
  • Release of hidden reserves due to automation of routine processes.

Presentation of the program for constructing delivery routes

Demonstration of the program for delivery routes construction is held online and allows you to get acquainted with all the advantages and possibilities for your company. You will also get individual advice from leading experts in the field of transport logistics optimization.

Basic functionality of the program for building delivery routes

Do you want to see now how the system works and get acquainted with the basic features of ABM Rinkai TMS? Then watch the video, where for 60 minutes, the CEO of ABM Cloud shows the features of the system and shows how to plan routes more effectively.

Automate transport logistics with ABM Rinkai TMS

Create your route in 2 clicks!

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