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Еpicenter К

Epicenter K is a chain of DIY shopping centers in Ukraine, that was founded in 2003. It has 390 light trucks and 230 cars for customer service.
130 000 m²
logistic objects
shopping malls
34 000
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Project Objectives

Optimize route planning
Ensure the implementation of routes
Delivery control

Project progress

Conducting process audits

Qualitatively entered primary data: address data (the database in OS is filled with correct coordinates after correction in TMS), delivery time windows, dimensional characteristics of goods and other information.

Integration is set up

The ability to exchange information between the accounting system and the Transportation Management System (TMS) has been implemented. This data exchange includes transferring information on orders, vehicle availability, and route plans between the accounting system and the TMS. Also, the mobile application was modified for couriers; the carrier did not have access to the customer's phone number, and all calls were made exclusively through the application. This allowed us to ensure the confidentiality of data.

Customization of the analytics module to meet the client's requirements

It was important to understand mall efficiency, driver efficiency, and scheduling dispatcher efficiency.

Training of personnel to work with the system

Support during initial planning, conducting plan-to-fact route execution analyses, and explaining how to work with new dashboards and analytics.

ABM TMS solutions for Epicenter K

Repeated deliveries
Branch rating
Client geography
Late arrival rate
Driver rating

Implementation results

Results obtained for Epicenter K:

Reduction of planning time from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes
14 %
Increase in transportation utilization efficiency
Reduced delivery time from 4 to 2 hours
7 %
Reduced logistics costs

Qualitative indicators

  • Increasing logistician productivity and minimizing the «human factor» and adaptation time of new employees
  • Availability of information on dispatcher and driver KPIs through analytics
  • Scheduling of service tasks for drivers (service stations, gas stations, etc.)
  • Using the functionality of the mobile application: electronic route list, route navigation
  • Analytics module
  • Transparent and rationed automatic routing – minimizing overloading of vehicles, delays, overruns
  • Availability of information about the plan-fact of flight fulfillment (fact with GPS), history of car operation and forecast of delays
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