Lost sales reduction by 30-60%

Decrease in overstock level by 35-60%

Profit and ROI increase


The aim of the system is to provide continuous goods availability in required quantity at the right place and in due time; reduce the surplus level (over-stocks) due to decrease in out-of-stocks, consequently mitigating lost sales; release current assets.

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Saas inventory management software benefits

ABM Inventory — is a saas inventory management software for retailers and online retailers, distributors and wholesales, all supply chain and final points of sale. It is designed to automatically calculate the required stock level for each SKU (stock-keeping-unit) every day at each stock location in accordance with the actual demand fluctuations.

Owing to online inventory management system ABM Inventory, high level of goods availability with optimum inventories is provided!

  • Cloud (SaaS)

    Does not require purchase, installation and support. It is compatible with any accounting or ERP system. Fast payback period.

  • Optimization

    Improvement of all work processes with orders, inventories, assortment, suppliers.

ABM Inventory beneficially differs from other systems because here the inventory management is based not on the illusive forecast, but on the actual consumer demand, which is very dynamic. It is successfully used in retail, distribution, production.

ABM Inventory for retail chain “EVRIKA” and “BI”