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Coca-Cola HBC
Coca-Cola HBC

Coca-Cola HBC

Member of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, which operates in 28 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. It distributes soft drinks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
millions of liters of beverages produced per year
1 000
different products
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Problem points

A 100% hired fleet and the inability to manage the tariff base.
Tariffication by tonnage: price of 1 ton per 10 km = price of 1 ton per 100 km.
Inability to control mileage.

Project progress

Study of processes

We familiarized ourselves with the Coca-Cola HBC model, entered the geo-coordinates of delivery points and customer time windows into the system. We found a problem with contractor billing.

Playback of routes

Based on the previously entered data, we recreated the routes. We calculated different payment models (tariffing) using the system. We confirmed that payment for mileage is more profitable than payment for tonnage. We used the average price per kilometer as a basis and compared it with the existing payment for tonnage (liters of transported products).

Implementation of the system

Coca-Cola HBC negotiated with contractors and renegotiated the contract for a new charging model (per km). We started implementing and using ABM Rinkai TMS.

Results of implementation

Results obtained for Coca-Cola HBC

14 %
Reduced shipping costs with 7% sales growth
17 %
Reducing the cost of delivery per 1 kg of products

Quality results

  • We changed the system of payment for the use of the hired fleet: instead of paying for each liter of product delivered, we switched to a fee per 1 km. As a result, this allowed us to cut delivery costs while sales grew by 7%.
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