ABM Inventory for iStudio

Examples of implementation results ABM Inventory. Calculate the economic effect of optimization for your company! The company iStudio implemented a centralized inventory management system ABM Inventory. For the period from November 2016 to August 2017 the following results were achieved: With average sales growth of 57%, average inventories increased by 27%. A new store was opened during…


ABM Inventory for retail chain “EVRIKA”

ABM inventory allows you to maximize the return on the invested resources of the company. The main purpose of the system is to increase the profitability of your company without significant investment. Calculate the economic effect of optimization for your company! Results for your company: High level of product availability in the right quantity at…


A transformative story of B&M retailer, to become #1 toys destination. eTail Asia 2019

The story of the transformation of the leader of the market of children’s toys Budinok Igrashok on eTail Asia 2019. E-commerce challenges offline retail and encourages retailers to look for alternative development paths. Vadim Khomenko, a partner and member of the supervisory board of the company Budinok Igrashok, talks about what tools worked for the…


Interview Erik Bush, CEO of Demand Driven Technologies

Deamand Driven MRP talks about the revolutionary supply chain management methodology in an interview with Sviatoslav Oliinyk and Erik Bush, CEO of Demand Driven Technologies, and formerly Vice President of IBM.


Customer reviews about the ABM Inventory. Retail chain “LOTOK”

From the video review by the head of the LotOK retail chain, you will learn how to optimize inventory management, reduce surpluses, reduce lost sales, increase turnover, understand consumer customer tastes and behavioral factors. ABM Inventory inventory management system and ABM Loyalty bonus loyalty platform have been implemented in the network of shops “LotOK”. As…


Reviews about the ABM Inventory for chain Barvinok

Feedback on the project of introducing the inventory management system ABM Inventory in the retail chain Barvinok. The interview is given by Konrad Pyzh, the financial director of the network. What goals did the project have and what results did the network achieve using the ABM Inventory cloud system, see the video. Periwinkle is a…

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