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One of the largest electricity producers in Ukraine. It has two thermal power plants - Starobeshevskaya and Slavyanskaya TPPs. The company also includes Donbasenergospetsremont, Donbasenergonalagranizatsiya, Teploelectroproekt, Energotorg and others.
The company was founded
2880 MW
Total capacity
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State-regulated activity
Services are provided to internal and external customers
Plan-actual analysis and budget consolidation takes a lot of time
Planning and actual accounting are performed in different programmes
The budget is prepared in Excel
Lack of a unified methodology for generating reports for different structural units
It is difficult to exclude other costs from the cost of generation
The need to transfer costs between departments


Special attention was paid to consolidating data into a single system. To this end, we developed a structure of financial responsibility centres and a unified financial management methodology. All of this allowed us to automate the crucial processes of budgeting, plan-to-fact analysis and planning. Finally, business intelligence was introduced to enable quick and clear analysis of business processes and the company's overall position.

Developing the structure of the Financial Responsibility Centre
Modelling a multi-scenario planning system
Customise costing and cost allocation to meet government requirements
Preparation of a form for budget submission by each unit
Transferring costs to costing
Implementation of the ability to analyse the structure of costs by divisions and the company as a whole
Setting up BI analytics to analyse key indicators, dynamics and performance results in convenient dashboards

Results of ABM Finance implementation

Qualitative changes

  • Unified financial management methodology and transparent rules of the game for all
  • Automated budgeting system: effective management of income and expenses, CashFlow at the planning stage
  • Automated management accounting system: the possibility of timely and audited plan-factual analysis
  • Transparent reporting in a single information system
  • BI analytics has been implemented: top management uses informative reports in the form of dashboards, graphs and charts
  • Final reporting is promptly generated in terms of plan and actual
  • The information system is ready for business growth, development and scaling
  • Planning through the budget order and planning of payments and expenditures on the basis of one document have been implemented
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