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Tegeta Motors, a leading distributor of auto parts in Georgia, optimises inventory with ABM Inventory

Tegeta Motors, a leading distributor of auto parts in Georgia, optimises inventory with ABM Inventory

Tegeta Motors, a leading distributor of auto parts in Georgia, optimises inventory with ABM Inventory

ABM Cloud and the business group «Tegeta Motors», a leader in automotive products and services in Georgia, have started cooperation in the field of complex automation of inventory management. The main goal of the project is to optimize the assortment and stocks in the distributor’s warehouses using the ABM Inventory solution.

«Tegeta Motors» distributes its products through a network of service centers and directly from the central warehouse. Working with a diverse clientele, including private individuals, wholesalers, and corporate customers, as well as actively participating in public procurement, the company offers an extensive range of more than 50,000 products supplied by manufacturers and suppliers from different countries.

The implementation of the ABM Inventory management system at «Tegeta Motors» will allow the company to:

  • fully automate the work with orders;
  • establish the offer of analogue products in the absence of the main article;
  • optimize the assortment;
  • improve inventory management (highlight slow-movers and reduce dead stock).

Overall, inventory optimization will allow the distributor to free up frozen funds, free up warehouse space for the most relevant products, improve inventory turnover, and reduce inventory costs.

The Tegeta Motors project is incredibly interesting due to the combination of industry complexities such as extensive supply chains, significant supplier orders, diverse substitute products, and minimal seasonality. In addition, the company's distinctive structure and product portfolio add to the project's appeal. We are confident that our collective experience and shared focus on delivering results will be key to the success of this endeavor.

said Vladimir Gonsky, Commercial Director of ABM Inventory.

The project will be realized in several phases. At the initial stage, it is planned to integrate a trial product category – tires – into the management system using ABM Inventory. Subsequently, it is planned to expand the solution to cover the entire product range, totaling 50,000 SKUs.

«Tegeta Motors» is constantly aiming for development and improvement, for the best solutions in its fields, as our slogan clearly states: 'It's time to choose quality'. With the help of ABM Inventory, we will be able to make our internal business processes more efficient and focus even more on providing the best services to our customers.

shared Levan Utiashvili, Head of the Logistics Department at Tegeta Motors.

The teams from both companies are currently working on preparing the necessary data to deploy the solution. We wish you a successful completion of this ambitious project and look forward to sharing the results with you. Stay tuned for further updates!

About Tegeta Motors:

With 28 years of successful operation, Tegeta Motors has become a notable leader in automotive products and services in Georgia. Offering a full range of automotive solutions to both corporate and retail customers, the company offers cars, trucks, buses, as well as diagnostic and repair services for construction and specialized equipment through authorized programs. Tegeta Motors has received many prestigious awards, including Gold Brand status, which has been confirmed four times.

About ABM Cloud:

АBM Cloud offers robust, adaptable, and dynamic automation solutions designed for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. ABM Cloud serves more than 180 companies in 20 countries and enables them to maintain market leadership, increase resilience to disruption, and grow revenue with improved profitability. Through artificial intelligence-based technologies, the company develops sophisticated software solutions for a variety of critical business processes, including supply chain management, inventory optimization, merchandising, assortment, and promotional campaign management.

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