Loyalty program management and loyalty platform, launch main objectives:

  • 1

    Identification: The use of loyalty cards or mobile applications ensures the identification of the customer when making a purchase.

  • 2

    Data collection: The more you know about your users, the more effective your proposals and campaigns will be. Data is collected at registration, with each purchase that the customer makes, when contacting the hotline and participating in surveys.

  • 3

    Analysis: Obtain the information about the most active, passive, direct and indirect clients, about the most purchased goods and goods that bring the maximum profit. Compare the performance of all outlets.

  • 4

    Personalization: Form customer groups based on demographic data or consumer behavior. Conduct campaigns and promotions, reward participation and activity.

  • 5

    Customers retaining and attracting new ones: Create profitable offers, put the emotional component into sales, support clients interest.

  • 6

    Increase revenue network: Stimulate repeated purchases and increase the average check using the loyalty management program tools.

Bonus Management

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Effective bonuses management is possible in view of the many mechanics of accrued bonus that govern how to accrual and write off. Use them to create a unique loyalty management program.

  • Bonus for the positions number in the check
  • Bonus depending on the check amount
  • Bonus for the specific goods purchase
  • Purchase History Bonus
  • Bonus amount spent
  • Bonus for a purchase at set time
  • Bonus for purchase at a particular outlet

Add bonuses for registration, on birthdays, for a change to a new level, for comment about the goods establishment or evaluation.
Set the rules for the use of bonuses – the time of action, the date of combustion, the list of goods you can spend on.
Bonuses are credited to the positions in the check proportionally to the amount spent. Thus, in the event of a return, the program will perform a correct recalculation of the accrued compensation.

What do we offer

  • Customer data

    Detailed demographic and consumer information about customers

  • Sales promotion

    A set of tools to create proposals, compaignes and stocks, omnichannel

  • Personalization

    Customer groups form action based on demographic data of consumer behavior. Oriented companies and promotions, reward participation and activity.

  • Stock Keeping Unit

    Detailed information on the demand for each of the products SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

The ABM Loyalty system is designed to calculate rewards automatically for each SKU, personalized offers, customer identification. Loyalty management is carried out with the help of the ABM Loyalty Omnican system.

Details about the features of the ABM Loyalty system can be found here.

Customer loyalty management. What do loyalty program participants receive?

  • Offers and actions, taking into account personal preferences (the system will send a personalized offer to purchase dairy products profitably if the Customer regularly buys cheese and milk).
  • Instant charging bonuses for the purchase and the ability to immediately use them.
  • Possibility of using bonuses for exchange for unique prizes, participation in drawings or special offers.
  • Reward the regularity of purchases and the amount spent.
  • Statistics bonuses, a detailed history of purchases in your account on the site and mobile application.