Sales growth by 15-20%

Increased sales per sq.m. of retail space

Sales area control



The purpose of the system is to increase sales, optimize goods storage costs, and release blocked funds using the ABM Shelf merchandising service.

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The shelf space management system of the ABM Shelf store has several advantages

ABM Shelf provides the opportunity to create new or download ready-made salesroom and trading equipment layouts from AutoCAD.

ABM Shelf – an integrated merchandising management system in stores, which includes a wide range of functions and capabilities.

Merchandising service functions in stores

Automation of the management of the layout and trading room with ABM Shelf allows you to model the store's store in 3D, analyze sales, control the layout.

The equipment designer has the following functionality:

  • 3D modelling of various trading equipment types with regard to its dimensions (length, depth, height, etc.).
  • Creation of multiple fixed-size trading equipment templates.


Salesroom management:

  • Work with a stores database (a ready-made list). Convenient search and navigation.
  • Creation of salesrooms models for shops (unlimited number).
  • Placing of equipment templates in the salesroom (placing in an arbitrary place, equipment rotations, copying).
  • Salesroom sales analysis (ABC analysis, sales analysis).
  • Placing of additional objects in the store (columns, tables, chairs, point of sales, doors).


Trading equipment management:

  • Work with a ready-made stock list with regard to dimensions, prices, manufacturers, and balances from the record back-office system.
  • Convenient goods search by item numbers or names with a possibility to apply balance, price, and range filters.
  • Convenient placement of goods on shelves by casting goods (goods search for their place on the shelf themselves and automatically adjust their display depth).
  • Import of item numbers by goods in the planogram, printing of planograms with placement of goods and goods placement chart.
  • Simultaneous work with several shelves.
  • Planogram changes history, 3D planogram modelling.
  • Convenient visual analytics on sales (ABC, net sales) and displays (by manufacturers, shelves, size, cost, or balances) with the possibility of exporting to Excel.


Service functions

  • Zooming images.
  • Change of grid size.
  • Saving of an image into a file.
  • Precise coordinate linear grid for work with equipment and stock lists.










  • Merchandising service in stores

    Filter and search by assortment

Management of store shelf space with ABM Shelf. Results and effects

Stores in which the cloud management system of the trading hall and shelf space of the ABM Shelf store were implemented received such effects:

  • +12% turnover without any additional financial investment
  • Sales promotions, lost sales minimization
  • Buyer traffic management within the store
  • Effective application of the merchandising concept in sales rooms
  • Algorithms for automatic goods placement and optimal product groups location