Income increase: purchasing frequency and average check

Customer retention due to personalisation



The aim of the system – increase in income, profit and market share. Building friendly relations with buyers, possibility of direct communication, new client attraction, researches on behavior and preferences based on transparent data.

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ABM Loyalty system advantages

Cloud-based loyalty program provides flexibility when client reward rules change. It delivers cost reduction and client identification in all aspects, customer retention, essential client database increase.

  • Simple connection

    Open API for connection with already operating cash software.

  • Tools and management

    Flexible control and total monitoring with the help of cloud U-CRM tools.

  • Additional services and products

    Financial services of payment, gift certificates.

Cloud-based program aimed to increase clients’ loyalty is versatile, can be used by companies from different business spheres: retail trade, shops, fuel retail, HoReCa, beauty shops, cinemas, vendors, individual solutions.

ABM Loyalty for the retail chain «LOTOK»


Developing a loyalty program on the ABM Loyalty platform allows you to design an effective and unique loyalty program for your customers. For this, the system supports a variety of algorithms that regulate the rules for charging and writing off bonuses.


  • Bonus loyalty program creation.
  • Bonuses, points, liters, cups of coffee processing.
  • Participant transactions complete control.


Сlient loyalty program interface
  • Retail chain store profile adjustment with specifying of basic (permanent) buyer reward settings.
One database
  • Data is collected from various channels. There is one database on clients and purchases: questionnaires, website, mobile application, and others.
Client basis analysis and study
  • Determination of targeted audience together with consumer features. Client groups formation on common purchasing characteristics. Launch based on advertising campaigns analytical data.
Hands-on marketing instruments
  • Possibility to start single campaigns with autonotification messages, reports on client activity.
Communication with clients
  • Possibility to e-mail and SMS campaigns launch which are bound to vital client events. Personalized push notifications.
Product matrix control
  • Product matrix is compared with the client’s portrait; possibility to launch campaigns together with vendors.


  • Card generation for payments at the cash desk or in e-commerce shop in “Bonus wallet”.
  • Mobile application taking into account registrations, balance, purchasing history, campaigns, promo codes (coupons), gift certificates.
  • Client data acquisition from personal account on the website, mobile application, self-service terminal.


  • Open API documentation for client loyalty program integration with existing IT infrastructure: cash desk, accounting system, personal account on the website, mobile application, etc.
  • A full-fledged kernel — Omni Channel. The main program identifier of ABM Loyalty program for buyer actions tracing is phone number. The client is at the center of attention at the company, ideal conditions for purchase are created by the most convenient method.



  • While purchasing, the shop visitor shows a card (bar/QR-code, phone number, any other identifier). Data on the card holder is displayed before purchasing.


  • When calculating bonus charges or write-offs, client loyalty program allows to form an action on specific goods in shops. Then the check with the advertising message is printed.


  • Buyer receives SMS about saved or written off bonuses. It is possible to look at purchase information in buyer’s personal account on the website or in a mobile application.
  • Main KPIs

    Main KPIs

  • Analysis of goods categories

    Analysis of goods categories

  • Heat map goods category retail store

    Heat map (goods category & retail store)

  • Analysis of retail stores

    Analysis of retail stores

  • The intersection of products and categories

    The intersection of products and categories

Results of program utilization
  • Data collection on all channels, detail information on clients and opportunity to influence consumer behavior.
  • Emotional involvement of the client, attachment to a brand, shopping stimulation, involvement in personal actions aimed to collect bonuses.
  • Increase in outlet attendance due to attractive sentence (advantage) creation in exchange for retail chain visiting.
  • Increase in chain income, increase in purchasing frequency and increase in the average check due to CRM tools usage.
  • Increase in a client base due to existing customer retention and attraction new with use of the maximum personalisation.
  • Additional channels of interaction due to profound working-through of a client base.
  • Increase in network income from interaction with vendors, distributors, cross-branding sales.

ABM Loyalty is a cloud client loyalty program which works according to SaaS scheme (Software as a Service), that the customer doesn’t incur additional expenses on software and client efficiency support. The system is integrated with all accounting systems, cash software, terminals, e-commerce shops, websites, mobile applications.

The 1st place in the nomination: “Best loyalty program”

According to the results of carrying out award online in B2B segment from PaySpace Magazine ABM Loyalty program won the first place in the nomination “Best Loyalty Program in Retail 2016”.