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ABM CLOUD and NOVATECH became partners

ABM CLOUD and NOVATECH became partners

Currently, innovations of ABM Cloud are available in the Latin American region. Novatech became the official representative for selling and implementation of ABM Inventory in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Novatech has been specializing in the introduction of modern technologies and flexible business solutions for more than 22 years. In 2014, it became the highest-rated consulting company in Ecuador. A team of experienced experts helps increase productivity and profitability for companies in many industries in Latin America: Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

Novatech has conquered the market because of the effectiveness of ERP solutions being implemented and because of useful applications for business intelligence, planning and asset management for production and distribution. Now the company will be able to provide services for the retail sector since it has become the official representative for the selling and implementation of the ABM Inventory software solution. In this way, the company’s portfolio will become more integrated.

ABM Inventory cloud-based solution helps for efficient inventory management in retail. After using this system – lost sales and surpluses are reduced and inventory turnover improves. More than 3,000 retail properties already manage inventory with ABM Inventory. The product developer is ABM Cloud.

For 10 years, ABM Cloud has successfully completed over 250 projects in 15 countries. C-Level of a company – are experts with 20 years of experience in optimizing retail, distribution, production and finance processes. ABM Cloud has formed the unique Supply Chain ecosystem consisting of 12 cloud solutions and the ABM Academy learning platform.



The partnership of companies is mutually beneficial:

– for Novatech it`s the growth of product line because of the ABM Inventory and opportunity to be more successful in the retail niche.

– for ABM Cloud – this is an opportunity to expand the representation of products in the new dynamic market of Latin America.

We are pleased that Novatech has become our partner, because the company has extensive experience in the business optimization, a good history and many successful cases. Cooperating, we will strengthen our position in the international market, –


Alexey Medvedev, CEO of ABM Cloud.


ABM Cloud is actively developing and supporting partner programs, which helping other companies to have a leading position in the supply chain. The ABM Cloud team invites IT companies to actively cooperate if they want to get effective integrated solutions for customers and increase their own monthly profit by 25-40%.

If you are a consulting company, ERP application dealer or an industry solution provider, we are interested in conversation with you!

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