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ABM Cloud and elastic.io become partners

ABM Cloud and elastic.io become partners

ABM Cloud, an innovative IT services and software solutions provider for supply chain management, goes into partnership with elastic.io, one of the key cloud-based integration platform providers for medium and large enterprises. By joining forces with ABM Cloud, elastic.io is proud to expand its connectors portfolio with the company’s powerful inventory management system. Equally, ABM Cloud is excited to offer its clients a high-performance platform that can fully meet their needs for integration and frictionless data exchange.

Like-minded Spirits

The companies’ relationship goes back to the SaaStr Europa’s second annual conference in Paris in 2019, where elastic.io was exhibiting as a Gold Sponsor. Mutual liking was immediate as both companies are avid advocates of cloud-based solutions and both are driven by the same desire to support businesses on the path to digital efficiency and innovation. 

ABM Cloud and elastic.io got to working closely together a few months later, when one of ABM Cloud’s clients, a Bulgarian grocery store chain required an integration between their ERP system, the company’s own inventory management solution. As a result of the integration, ABM Inventory gets access to daily real-time data on goods quantities. The system automatically analyzes this data and makes a decision about the replenishment quantity.

After the successful completion of the project, ABM Cloud is now planning to extend the implementation of the integration platform to support other clients with similar integration needs. The decision is conditioned by the proliferation of various ERP tools at companies ABM Cloud works with. While most clients in the Eastern European countries stick to the 1C solutions – an SAP counterpart in that region –, companies outside the block use a wide variety of solutions, to which one-to-one integrations might be too cumbersome. 


Faster integrations through connectors

Through the elastic.io integration platform, ABM Cloud has already gained access to a vast number of pre-built connectors to mainstream business applications such as Shopify, Marketo, Salesforce, SAP ByDesign or Microsoft solutions. Such connectors function as ready-to-use application entry points that work in conjunction with the platform in a way that makes any newly added connector be automatically compatible with any other already available connector. 

This allows the integrators to design integration scenarios and automate even complex end-to-end processes more efficiently, quickly, and in a scalable way, since every piece of integration needs to be added only once and then reused as many times as needed. As part of the partnership, elastic.io and ABM Cloud will be developing further connectors for the ABM clients’ systems. 

“We are excited that our integration platform is now part of the service package that ABM Cloud offers to its clients,” said Renat Zubairov, CEO of elastic.io, adding that he is glad to join forces in the effort to help the companies’ clients thrive in the digital world. “What’s more – ABM Cloud’s solution portfolio is absolutely impressive, and we are looking forward to adding it to our connectors offering as well.”

Medvedev-Alexey_ABM-Cloud“Our partnership with this company and the use of ready-made elastic.io solutions for better integrating ABM Cloud products into our customers’ IT infrastructure will reduce the workload of clients’ technical staff and accelerate project delivery. Our customers will get better and faster access to all ABM Cloud benefits and solutions”, – says Alexey Medvedev, ABM Cloud CEO. “We are pleased to work with the elastic.io team. The first joint project showed that elastic.io is a flexible tool that easily and quickly integrates into any client’s IT infrastructure and works with any IT solution. Our company is actively developing, and we are sure we will accomplish a lot of new interesting projects together!”


About elastic.io


elastic.io_ABM Cloud

elastic.io is a Germany-based born-in-the-cloud innovator and an established expert in enterprise integration solutions. elastic.io’s technology supports organizations of all sizes in their digital strategy initiatives by helping them spend less time on integrating and monitoring various data sources across the business, and more time on using this data to improve business operations or to develop new products and services.

In 2017, elastic.io became part of mVISE Group, a German publicly listed IT consulting company with over 15 years of enterprise IT consultancy and project experience.

About ABM Inventory


ABM Inventory is a replenishment automation and inventory optimization software for retail. The solution is designed to maintain the perfect balance between stock availability and minimum inventory to ensure:

1. Decrease of overstocks and lost sales;
2. Inventory turnover improvement;
3. Visibility on performance of each SKU, manager, store, supplier and warehouse;
4. Insights from in depth analytics;
5. Continius improvement of inventory management with Dedicated Success Manager.

If you are a consulting company, ERP application dealer or an industry solution provider, we are interested in conversation with you!

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