How to automate warehouse processes quickly with minimum costs?

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Warehouse activity automation starts with correct accounting organization. Cloud-based ABM WMS system will allow always to know goods availability and movements, to batch and ship goods.

Warehouse automation with ABM WMS program increases warehouse business processes quality, improves company’s financial performance, doesn’t require costs on expensive software warehouse complex as is cloud-based and provided in lease.

ABM WMS warehouse automation program is universal and suitable for different business type companies:

  • Production enterprises (raw-material storages, finished goods warehouses).
  • Logistic centers.
  • Distribution and retail companies.
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Safe custody warehouses (3PL operators).

What we offer

  • Maintenance

    Providing methodological, technical support, constant system functionality development.

  • Training

    Easy and fast trainings of warehouse employees on how to work in the system (no additional skills required).

  • Automation

    Implementation of cloud-based ABM WMS system for warehouse activities automation.

  • Optimization

    Warehouse logistics business processes optimization.

  • Preproject inspection

    Analyzing processes and revealing “bottlenecks” in warehouse activities, providing recommendations on their elimination.

ABM WMS cloud program for warehouse automation is designed for address storage, acceptance and placement automation, inventory count process automation, warehouse operations billing, planning, analysis and control of warehouse activity. More about opportunities of system read here.

Results and effects

As a result of WMS system usage, the company obtains such effects:

  • Complete leftover stock, merchandising, personnel loading, warehouse spaces loading control
  • Getting rid of paper magazines and accounting books
  • Warehouse employees labor reallocation
  • Fast and easy inventory count without warehouse activity hold-ups.
  • Priority system and unloading/loading queue management
  • Rational and effective goods placement in existing warehouse parameters
  • Delivery adherence to deadlines