The problems that companies face:

  • 1

    No possibility to build and automate the calculation of correct system of the sales department bonuses.

  • 2

    No tools for the sales analysis and sales representatives’ performance analysis. Existing systems do not allow to carry out real-time analysis.

  • 3

    No control over whether the sales representative actually visits retail outlets or he makes orders by the phone.

  • 4

    A sales representative does not know what happens to the order after placing it. Will the whole order be delivered or only a part of it?

  • 5

    No up-to-date, real-time data on overstock available to sales representatives at the time of order.

  • 6

    Existing program contains a lot of unnecessary actions for sales representatives; it is not convenient, complicated.

How to build an effective distribution system?

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  1. Implement a modern tool for the sales team automation and control
  2. Control the real time trading company KPI with the help of portable distribution management.
  3. Increase the effectiveness of tasks setting and monitoring, using a convenient analytics tool and artificial intelligence.

What do we offer?

  • Development

    Cutting-edge solutions that will help to take sales to a new level. Instant response and satisfaction of clients’ requests.

  • Automation

    Connection of the accounting system to the cloud. Sales team training

  • Audit of sales processes

    Understanding of sales processes and comparing them with the best global practices

Automation of sales representatives management and distribution with ABM Digital Distribution improves the quality of logistics processes, improves financial performance of the company, does not require capital outlay on expensive logistics software, as it is cloud-based and can be leased.

Learn more about ABM Digital Distribution system of distribution and sales representatives management.

Benefits of using ABM Digital Distribution

  • Increase of 10-30% in the sales representative productivity
  • Increase of 10-20% in the average check
  • Increase of 10-20% in the number of outlets per a sales representative
  • Reduction of 10-15% in the total distance (in kilometers)
  • Supervisor gets 20% more time for data collecting / processing and sales representatives management
  • Detailed on-line effectiveness analytics of the sales department, as well as outlets with required details.