ABM Cloud is an innovative company providing professional IT services in developing and implementing cloud software solutions aimed to increase business performance. The Company’s profile comprises solutions for automation and entire supply chain management: inventory management (manufacturing, distribution, and retail), transportation management, retail stores and pharmacies management, mobile analytics, warehouse management, loyalty management, cash management.

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The company’s Mission

We make innovations affordable for business!

Mostly, people think that innovations are inaccessible to business due to the high cost and lack of financial resources, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg. They are inaccessible because of the language barrier, the company’s mental immaturity, lack of qualifications, the complexity of implementation, and the fear of not getting results. Our mission is to eliminate all these barriers thanks to:

  • SaaS model – the customer pays for the product as its used. Moreover, SaaS solutions help the client significantly reduce costs, and invest saved money in business development.
  • Popularization of ideas, methodologies and learning at ABM Academy’s own educational platform.
  • Project management. Agile approach, involvement in the client’s problems and perception of them as one’s own.


We are young and vigorous. We travel a lot and lead an active lifestyle. Our office parties are bright and memorable. Democratic corporate culture of our company motivates and inspires. Bright identities naturally complement each other; and owing to it, all our projects are successful.

Our principles

Follow the best world tendencies. Listen and hear our clients.

The companies that use the system

our clients work in various industries: retail (food, non-food), distribution, manufacturing, goods delivery and others

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