Increase the productivity of the sales agent by 30%

Increase the average check at the outlet

Saving time for processing requests



The purpose of the system is to provide a sales representative with a convenient tool for accomplishment of the process of receiving and forming an order as well as to provide the management with the latest module for real time distribution control and management.

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Benefits of ABM Digital Distribution

Cloud service for distribution and sales representatives management. A sales representative’s multi-tool “in the fields” contains all the functions and information in the program, you do not need to make any calls. “News Feed” is the program which will show what is important at this point in time.

Control of distribution indicators in real time on any device!

  • Cloud (SaaS)

    It does not require purchase, installation and support. It is compatible with any accounting and ERP system

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The use of artificial intelligence for setting tasks to the sales representative will automatically create the recommended order

  • Online reports

    The performance of the indicators from the highest level to the final point is controlled in real time

Functionality of ABM Digital Distribution

  • Convenient history of orders. All orders data: dates, assortment, amounts
  • Accurate information on amounts due: accounts receivable, payment terms
  • All documents in one place. All contracts with the client are always at hand
  • Protection against fraud. Time locking, gps locking
  • Convenient presenter. Functional presenter with current goods in stock
  • Ease of use. News feed with up-to-date information online
  • Store Check. Ability to create any questionnaires and assign them for filling in
  • Performance indicators. The sales representative in the online mode can see the performance of his KPI indicators
  • Promo offers and range of goods. Current promo offers and products are presented in the form of an order
  • Approval of the change of the primary coordinates in the Telegram chatbot

  • News feed provides everything you need to know about the outlet

  • Ordering products in the form of a presenter

  • Outlet card

  • Key indicators of distribution in real time

Results of ABM Digital Distribution using
  • Increase of 10-30% in the sales representative productivity
  • Increase of 10-20% in the average outlet check
  • Increase of 10-100% in Strike Rate
  • Increase of 10-20% in the outlets number per a sales representative
  • Exclusion of photo reports falsification
  • Supervisor gets 20% more time for data collecting / processing and sales representatives management