Increase in sales of up to 30%

Outlet visit cost reduction of up to 35%

Twice as much time to present your product

The aim of the system is to increase profitability of each party to a transaction, facilitate and accelerate communication between you and your clients.  Offer additional value for the clients: make an order at any convenient time, get a  bonus program as additional income, have a quick feedback on the order, dispose of the orders via e-mail, have intelligent tips on the product range expanding.

Find out price and implementation time

How does ABM MarketPlace work (Self-run model)

Self-run marketplace is a classic evolutionary process when a distributor creates a b2b portal and encourages his customers to interact directly with him, through independent ordering of the necessary products.
There are customers who are willing to work on the updated business model for particular bonuses, but there are those who have to be compelled to work on their business profit increase (for example, outlets that are not profitable to visit).




MarketPlace can both integrate with the ABM Digital Distribution system modules and chat-bot DD, and also work as an independent solution.


Комплексное управление дистрибуцией

Advantages of MarketPlace

  • Cloud-based (SaaS)

    No purchase, installation and support are needed. Constant development.

  • It’s not just a website-catalog

    We help to change your business model!

  • Artificial intelligence

    It will help a client to be more competitive in his territory, and you will have a chance to expand the product range.

For whom and for what?

  • For Manufacturers and distributors

    A platform for sales and marketing increase

  • For Shops and cafes, for your clients

    Convenient service for ordering products

  • For sellers, bartenders and merchandisers

    Additional income

Key value

You don’t just get a simple website – we help you to change your business model, since right now you need to draw up a clear plan for survival and well-being in a new distribution ecosystem. Actually, there is less time left than you may think. Don’t you believe us? Just talk to our clients who already use MarketPlace and artificial intelligence today.

Our 10-year experience in transformation of the distribution business into digital will help you to create the right project positioning within the company, motivate the sales department to adopt a new work format, connect clients to the portal, set up and use the customer bonus program. Moreover, with this system you will get a full set of documents which will help you to make your business more efficient from the very first day.