Cloud-based solutions for business are deployed according to the SaaS model (software as a service) – the latest achievement in business management systems automation. Cloud-based ABM Cloud software solutions are developed on remote servers with the 24h online access from any place in the world with any authorized device: from the laptop to the mobile phone.

  • High goods availability level with optimum inventory level in the system.

    Inventory management according to Theory of Constraints based on the actual consumption. Providing the required quantity of each SKU in all points of storage taking into account the actual demand. Result: out-of-stock and over-stock level reduction by 30-60%. Customer loyalty growth, cost reduction, working capital release.
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  • Manufacturing and material inventory management

    Continuous availability of raw products, materials, components in the necessary place of a manufacturing chain in the required quantity and due time; surplus stock level reduction; providing a high delivery reliability and reducing impact of demand variability on inventory level.
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  • Loyalty program for clients

    Cloud loyalty program — a powerful marketing instrument for buyers’ involvement, client data collecting and analytics, advertising campaigns launch. ABM Loyalty is a cloud client loyalty program which works according to SaaS scheme (Software as a Service), that the Customer doesn’t incur additional expenses on software and client efficiency support. The system is integrated with all accounting systems, cash software, terminals, e-commerce shops, websites, mobile applications.
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  • Retail store key business processes management.

    Automation of inventory control and store processes: assortment, orders, pricing, warehouse operations, own production, sales, finance, supplier relationships. Connection from any place in the world via the Internet. Special knowledge and server hardware are not necessary. We provide high-quality support, fast store launch, tried and tested technology.
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  • Storefront shelf management system

    Increase sales, optimize storage costs, release frozen funds using the ABM Shelf cloud system.
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  • Cloud service for managing sales agents and distribution

    This is the first program in the world, which sets tasks for sales representatives all by itself. Neural net-technology is used in order to automate distribution operation.
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  • Business process management at a warehouse, warehouse automation

    Accounting and warehouse automation, easy and fast inventory count without warehouse activity hold-ups, warehouse activity analysis and control with minimum investments without large upfront costs due to cloud-based SaaS model.
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  • Delivery to all points in time with minimum expenses!

    Automatic ring route planning in several minutes, taking into account time windows, cost of cars, movement speed, time in points, types of freights and other restrictions. Result - the cheapest set of routes every day, automatic customer notification, driver navigation, plan/actual analysis, comprehensive analytics, including the cost of each delivery!
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  • Treasury and cash flow management in one system in real time.

    Forecasting, liquidity management, cash flow management centralization, payment process improvement at the company or holding.
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System provides the follow in gadvantages: centralized purchase management, 10 minutes per week are enough for evaluation of inventories (overstocks and out-of-stocks) across retail chain, maximal automatization, minimal human resources are required for inventory management, turnover improved 20%, excess inventories decreased 10%.

Irina Vorontsova Head of Department Inventory TG «IZHTRADING»

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