Challenges that stores meet while choosing an accounting system

  • 1

    It is necessary to open the store, which makes profit, organize store management with minimum losses and investments to start vending in 2 weeks.

  • 2

    Functionality for store management should be in a single accounting management system as different systems implementation may be cost- and time-consuming.

  • 3

    A single contractor is required – system integrator capable to implement the “turnkey” project, having provided both the accounting program, and trading equipment.

  • 4

    Professional and experienced implementation team that knows how business processes management should be organized in the store.

  • 5

    Fast and easy trade personnel training on how to use the management system.

  • 6

    Fixed implementation project budget of store automated accounting management system.

How fast can a store management system be deployed?

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ABM Retail store management system is designed for the quantitative account, assortment and procurement management in store, sales management and growth, attraction and keeping the customers, managing relationships with suppliers. ABM Retail Cloud solution includes such components: inventory control and assortment management; stock, pricing, promotions and discounts, own production, supplier relationship management, reciprocal payments etc. The system is simple in use, highly efficient, requires minimum investments.

ABM Retail system functionality allows to obtain at any moment real data on expenses, profit and loss of store, analyze sales dynamics, trace the dynamics of demand change, operate pricing and quotations of goods, taking into account size of stores, conduct goods profitability analysis, apply loyalty programs.

Automate your inventory control having implemented ABM Retail system and manage your store from any place in the world via the Internet. Try a modern, simple cloud-based service for retail store operating in use.

What we offer

  • Optimization

    Flexible, transparent store and retail chain management

  • Automation

    Store automation in a cloud-based ABM Retail management system

  • Training

    Fast training of sales personnel

  • Maintenance

    Qualified support and data protection. Updates without additional expenses

Store management automation by means of ABM Retail system allow to obtain real data on costs, profit and loss of store at any moment; to analyze sales dynamics, to trace dynamics of demand fluctuations, to manage pricing and goods quotations taking into account store formats, to carry out goods profitability analysis, to apply loyalty programs. The management system is cloud-based and provided in lease.

Effects of ERP utilization

  • Increase in steering and transparency of your business management, making reasonable decisions.
  • Elimination of illiquid assets. Goods turnover acceleration.
  • Relationship management with suppliers (proceeding from goods availability, price, delivery quality and payment procedure, reciprocal payments status).
  • Opportunity to plan delivery payment procedure, in order not to run out of goods.
  • Calculation of shelf stocks taking into account supply time frames.
  • Systematization of profit and loss control.