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Kupianskiy milk-canning plant implemented the system of logistic processes automation with ABM Cloud TMS

Kupianskiy milk-canning plant implemented the system of logistic processes automation with ABM Cloud TMS

The project was executed by ABM Cloud company with ABM Rinkai TMS — a cloud-based system of logistic processes automation. It allowed to compress implementation time and considerably reduce project costs. As a result, due to the system implementation, route planning process was reduced to 10 minutes, number of clients increased by 25% and delivered products amount increased by 35 %.

More than 59 years “Kupianskiy milk-canning plant” is known for its quality and high standards in condensed milk production. Throughout this time, the assortment of dairy products continued to extend actively, new dairy branches opened.

Reasons for automated transportation management system implementation

With opening of a new branch for customer service in Kiev, client base was significantly increasing and amount of shipped products growing. As a result, the logistician, who planned routes, was overloaded. There was an urgent need to improve route planning quality and reduce human factor influence. Executives of “Kupianskiy milk-canning plant” started researching the market in order to find the system for logistic processes automation.


During market research on the systems of logistic processes automation, the final decision has been made in favour of ABM Rinkai system . The main reasons for choosing ABM Rinkai TMS :

  • High quality of route-calculating algorithms;
  • The system is cloud-based and does not require large upfront costs;
  • Continuous service support;
  • Comprehensive analytical opportunities;
  • Availability of a mobile application;
  • Free integration with the existing GPS provider.

Implementation of the system of logistic processes automation brought such effects:

At present moment route planning in the company does not require manual changes, and process takes no more than 10 minutes. Among the main project accomplishments we can highlight client base growth by 25% and increase in delivered products amount by 35% while number of involved transport increased only by 15%. Owing to implementation of logistic processes automation system, “Kupianskiy milk-canning plant” came to the new route-planning level that allowed to increase efficiency of transport use and to guarantee delivery time windows observance for ensuring high-quality service. The company does not plan to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. In the nearest plans — continuous increase in the level of control and examine plan/actual deviations along routes in more detail.

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