What we offer

  • Diagnostics

    Running diagnostics and revealing «bottlenecks» in inventory and assortment management

  • Training

    Holding a seminar training on Theory of Constraints methodology for key employees of the company

  • Optimization

    Creating the system of dynamic buffer management, which will take into account the actual demand and sales

  • Automation

    Automating inventory and order management with cloud-based software solution

  • Maintenance

    Providing methodological support and technical follow-up

How to optimize business without significant investments?

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Theory of Constraints (TOC) was originally developed by Israeli physicist Eliyahu Goldratt to optimize business processes in manufacturing companies. Like many revolutionary breakthroughs, Theory of Constraints appeared at the intersection of different disciplines. The synergy of business principles and laws of physics gave to the world a unique management methodology. Throughout its history, this methodology demonstrates unprecedented efficiency in different areas: supply chain management, manufacturing management, project management, sales and marketing management, strategic management, etc.

Theory of Constraints allows the companies to solve system problems and find basic reasons of crisis situations. Moreover, this methodology offers turnkey solutions to eliminate the constraint, which interferes with the achievement of company’s objectives. World experience of Theory of Constraints usage repeatedly confirms its efficiency. Such leading companies as UPS, Tesco, Wal-Mart, Procter&Gamble, Boeing owing to implementation of TOC principles, significantly increased their competitive advantages and improved performance indicators.

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The Replenishment+ system is designed to automatically calculate the required inventory level for each SKU, at any storage point, in accordance with the actual fluctuations in demand. Replenishment+ is a software, built on a method to model, plan, and manage supply chains to protect and promote the flow of relevant information and materials. Read more about the capabilities of the Replenishment+ system here.

Cloud-based Replenishment+® solution is designed to automatically calculate the necessary inventory level for each SKU, on each strategic replenishment point, according to the actual consumption. Manufacturing inventory management is executed according to Demand Driven Operating Model. Read more about Replenishment+® system capabilities here.

Effects for your company
  • Constantly high goods availability level;
  • Lost sales reduction by 30-60%;
  • Overstocks reduction by 30-60%;
  • Release of frozen in inventories assets;
  • Reduction of costs that arise as a result of write-offs, sell-offs
  • Stock holding costs reduction.
  • Profit and sales growth;
  • Inventory turnover increase;
  • Business financial performance improvement.