What happens if the company’s treasury management system is missing?

  • 1

    There is no understanding of your monetary position for the near future. As a consequence, frequent cash gaps, delays in payments to suppliers, an increase in borrowing costs, etc.

  • 2

    Lack of necessary control functions in the procedure for agreeing payments. As a result, higher budgets, inappropriate payments, payment to unreliable suppliers, fraud, etc.

  • 3

    Decentralized treasury. Entails inaccessibility of information on the availability of funds in the group of companies and their non-optimal use.

  • 4

    Lack of transparency for all participants in the process. The initiators of payments do not have an understanding of the stage. The treasurer does not have an understanding of the planned amounts of payments. The management does not have reliability in the reliability of the data, the final reports can not be decomposed into applications and the history  their approval.

  • 5

    Manual, labor-intensive payment process. Duplication of information on payments in different systems, “paper” reconciliation, complex procedures for collecting and analyzing information, non-operational reports.

  • 6

    The incorrect model of accounting for funds, the structure of data storage entails complicating the procedures for collecting information and making decisions on its basis.

How to build treasury management system?

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  • Automatize the process of initiating and agreed payments. Eliminate the possibility of information duplication. Introduce the culture of planned receipts and payments, training management to monitor the budget implementation of the independently introduce payment discipline.
  • Establish minimum required levels of control the approval procedure, which will prevent the company from risk. Provide a single center management of all places of storage cash.
  • Automatization of the company’s payment calendar, which will predict the possible cash gaps. Provide an operational plan-to-fact analysis with the possibility of decomposing any article of the report to the level of applications, initiators, history reconciliation, supporting documents, etc. Treasury management system ABM Cashflow payment calendar forms in a matter of seconds on the basis planned and actual data on payments and receipts.

What do we offer

  • Optimization

    Conduct the audit of cash management processes for the purpose of optimization

  • Automatization

    Company’s cloud payment management program implementation and the ABM Cashflow treasury automation

  • Accompaniment

    Methodological, technical support, constant development of the system’s functionality

ABM Cashflow is a cloud-based program do compiling a payment calendar and automazing the corporate treasury: payment managing requests and funds receipt, drawing up a payment calendar, forecasting and analyzing the company’s cash flow. Get to know the system.

What will the company do to automatize the treasury management?
  • Transparent money management. All payments are “in your hand.”
  • Key risks automatic control.
  • Timely fulfillment of obligations to suppliers.
  • Credit load reduction.
  • Liquidity management.
  • Operative and transparent reporting.