A transformative story of B&M retailer, to become #1 toys destination. eTail Asia 2019.

A transformative story of B&M retailer bi.ua, to become #1 toys destination in Ukraine. Vadym Homenko, Partner & Supervisory Board Member. Presentation at the conference eTail Asia 2019, Singapore. E-retailers challenged status-quo, B&M retailers had no option but to rethink what they do. A story of experiments wins and fails to survive in the era…


ABM CLOUD and NOVATECH became partners

Currently, innovations of ABM Cloud are available in the Latin American region. Novatech became the official representative for selling and implementation of ABM Inventory in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina. Novatech has been specializing in the introduction of modern technologies and flexible business solutions for more than 22 years. In 2014, it became the…


Inventory management software for retailer EVRIKA

CLIENT BUSINESS INFORMATION Inventory management software for retailer EVRIKA. The network of shops of electronics and household appliances “EVRIKA” has been operating since 2000. Today, the trading network includes a distribution center (DC) and 12 mini, mid and super stores in 7 cities, constantly expanding its geography. In 2005, the corporate sales department was formed,…


Implementation of automatic ordering and inventory management system the company “Gold Apple”

CUSTOMER BUSINESS INFORMATION The first shop “Gold Apple” was opened in 1996, Yekaterinburg. Nowadays, the retail chain has 10 shops in 6 different towns of Russia: 4 of them are located in Yekaterinburg, 2 in Moscow and 1 in Samara, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Kazan. There are lots of SKUs in the perfumery supermarkets “Golden Apple”…


4 simple steps to efficient company’s cashflow management.

The issue of cashflow management is essential to any company.  Despite this, 70% of all enterprises still encounter problems with cash flow, and every fifth claims that this is an ordinary rather than exceptional situation.  The main problem is that today you have to pay for the suppliers service with the money that a customer…


Customer loyalty systems: how to hook and retain customers? Do investments pay off?

In the recent edition of AllRetail magazine, an article came out discussing whether customer loyalty systems are a panacea for retailers. Retail experts say that the market has been divided into 2 parts: some believe that the customer loyalty system in its economic sense should be mandatory. While others believe that this is not relevant,…


How to assess brand loyalty and what features are used to assess customer loyalty

We explain how to assess customer loyalty and improve consumer commitment to your company and what the basic features of customer loyalty assessment are.


EuroCIS 2018 – leading European retail technological exhibition

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming”. Regardless of whether the participants and visitors of EuroCIS 2018 know David Bowie’s  quotation they embody it in everyday activity.


Chatbots: What are they and How to Use them in Business?

The era of chatbots has already begun. It doesn`t matter whether you are ready for it or not, this fact should be accepted and considered as an opportunity to improve communications with customers in your business.   They exist, but we did not notice them A chatbot is a program that uses “communication” patterns to…


Improved inventory turnover by 20% for network IZHTREYDING

Case Study of “Implementation ABM Inventory auto-order and stock management system in Retail Network IZHTREYDING. Trading network “IZHTREYDING” is a rapidly growing food retail company. leader of retail trade in Udmurt Republic, with stores in Izhevsk, Votkinsk, Sarapul, Mozhga, Glazov, Neftekamsk, Nizhnekamsk, Yanaul, Chaikovskiy. The total number of stores amounts to 90. The network comprises of…


Auto parts warehouse: sectoral inventory system of spare parts in warehouse

The auto parts warehouse has features related to a huge variety of spare parts for various groups of cars and special equipment, diverse additional product groups. The specific feature of the spare parts warehouse organization requires introduction of the sectoral inventory system of spare parts in warehouse. Compliance with the storage requirements of each product…


Implementation of automatic ordering and inventory management system the company “iSTUDIO”

CUSTOMER BUSINESS INFORMATION iStudio is the official partner of Apple since 2011. The company owns a network of iStudio mono-brand stores that work in authorized Apple formats: Apple Premium Reseller (APR) and Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR). To its clients the company offers: Full range of Apple hardware, software, accessories; Professional consultations and demonstrations of the…

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