ABM CLOUD and NOVATECH became partners

Currently, innovations of ABM Cloud are available in the Latin American region. Novatech became the official representative for selling and implementation of ABM Inventory in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina. Novatech has been specializing in the introduction of modern technologies and flexible business solutions for more than 22 years. In 2014, it became the…


Implementation of automatic ordering and inventory management system the company “Gold Apple”

CUSTOMER BUSINESS INFORMATION The first shop “Gold Apple” was opened in 1996, Yekaterinburg. Nowadays, the retail chain has 10 shops in 6 different towns of Russia: 4 of them are located in Yekaterinburg, 2 in Moscow and 1 in Samara, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Kazan. There are lots of SKUs in the perfumery supermarkets “Golden Apple”…


EuroCIS 2018 – leading European retail technological exhibition

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming”. Regardless of whether the participants and visitors of EuroCIS 2018 know David Bowie’s  quotation they embody it in everyday activity.


Orders management system for AVD Trade

AVD Trade implemented ABM Inventory orders management system. It allowed the company to improve stock management processes significantly. The company managed to decrease over-stock (up to 46%) and missed sales (up to 25%) substantially. It also improved turnover. AVDtrade acts as a distribution center all over Ukraine. It supplies more than 1500 wholesale points with…


Comprehensive trade automation in a retail chain Ushastiy Nian by means of ABM Retail trade and accounting automation solution

Comprehensive trade automation in retail chain Ushastiy Nian – project implementation by ABM Cloud company experts. Ushastiy Nian retail chain owners set an ambitious task for ABM Cloud experts – launch the store in 2 weeks. To automate retail chain a remote technology was used – all processes, connected with sales personnel training and store…


Business processes automation at retail store “Kashtan market”

Business processes automation at retail store Kashtan market of Euro Food Market company (Kiev region, urban locality Kozin) by means of friendly and intuitively understandable cloud-based ABM Retail management system. Store launch and sales personnel training were realized remotely, with the help of Skype and TeamViewer online technologies. Fast goods acceptance from the supplier, returns registration,…


Kupianskiy milk-canning plant implemented the system of logistic processes automation with ABM Cloud TMS

The project was executed by ABM Cloud company with ABM Rinkai TMS — a cloud-based system of logistic processes automation. It allowed to compress implementation time and considerably reduce project costs. As a result, due to the system implementation, route planning process was reduced to 10 minutes, number of clients increased by 25% and delivered…


Inventory management and stock control in “Essen” group of companies

ABM Cloud reports about a project completion on automatic order and inventory management system implementation in retail chain “Essen”. ABM Inventory inventory system implementation for Essen retail store chain was a way to improve turnover indicators of the company and at the same time reduce inventory surplus. Project effects have shown that only in 11…


Management accounting in Daily Market supermarket is held with ABM Retail store management system

In Daily Market supermarket, which is located in the Obolonsky district in Kiev, existed accounting system was replaced with ABM Retail in order to perform transparent management accounting. Store management system allows to manage all warehouse operations (acceptance, return, inventory, write-off, moving), automatically calculate retail prices to commodity groups and certain items, print price tags…


Inventory optimization in the Barvinok retail chain

With the purpose of Inventory optimization Barvinok retail chain management team chose the expert team of ABM Cloud Company and the system of inventory management optimization called ABM Inventory. Barvinok retail chain opened its first store in 2001. Since the beginning of its activities, the Barvinok retail chain has been expanding its existence on market…

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