Inventory level reduction by 30-60%

Delivery reliability increase to 97-100%

Sales Growth by 20%

The aim of system – to provide continuous availability of raw products, materials, components in right place of a production chain in the required amount and in due time; to reduce the level of stock surplus; to provide a high delivery reliability and reduce the influence of demand variability on inventory level.

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Benefits of the system

Replenishment+® is a comprehensive solution to manage manufacturing inventories in a supply chain.

Provides an optimum availability level with minimum inventories.

  • Fast payback

    Quick and high investment return. Your profit margins are much higher than utilization rates.

  • Cloud-based (SaaS)

    Does not require purchase, installation and support. It is compatible with any accounting or ERP system

  • Unique world class algorithm

    Works according to DDMRP methodology, which consolidated the best supply and production management practices

Replenishment+® — is a world class solution that functions on DDMRP (Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning) Operating Model, which consolidated the best supply chain and production management practices — Theory of Constraints, Lean, 6 Sigma, MRP, DRP.

Replenishment+ for the manufacturer “Kormoteh”


Inventory management approach is shifted from the "push" scheme, which is based on forecast and dependencies in chain to the "pull" scheme based on the actual product consumption. The system determines where strategic stock items should be placed, how to calculate the necessary amount and dynamically adjust these line items by means of buffers. The system also "decouples" dependencies in process, thereby preventing negative tendencies transmission throughout the chain.

Automatic replenishment action

  • The system determines exact places where and how many inventories should be stocked.
  • Automatically order placing. Daily analysis of the actual consumption, estimates surplus and shortage in each strategic replenishment point, takes into account several conditions for stock replenishment.

Agile control and optimization

  • Agile online control of current stock status.
  • Groundbreaking order fulfillment calculating method for buffer and due dates determination, how to compress lead time in the best way and involve minimum working capital.

Manager work optimization 

  • Priority system allows to estimate easily and quickly which orders require attention when there are time, space, money, capacity and quantity restrictions.
  • Common information ground about order and inventory status, for all users with the corresponding access.

Comprehensive analytics

  • General dynamics of stock level in money expression and buffer trend in % of parts in each buffer zone.
  • Dynamics of outs and critically low inventory level. Allows to see system problems and their development in dynamics. For example, continuous deficit can be caused by supplier backlog. The report created on managers shows where and who has to focus attention to achieve desirable results.
  • Dynamics of surplus in system. Shows excess stock and possibilities of its optimization. By means of filters, it is possible to see the necessary level in detail and reveal the problem.
  • Inventory stratification on buffer profiles. Shows those buffer profiles that require attention in order to act reasonably and correct the situation.
  • Out of stock parts in demand. Shows demand on parts for a due date with “drop” status. It is possible to determine problems and perform corrective actions to eliminate them.
  • Workbench

    Desktop (workbench)

  • Tools planner s workbench

    Tools: planner’s workbench

  • Tools planner s workbench analytics

    Tools: planner’s workbench – analytics

  • Report Out of stock risk by planners

    Report: Out-of-stock risk by planners

  • Report Overstocks by planners

    Report: Overstocks by planners

  • Report Buffer status

    Report: Buffer status

  • Out of stock risk filter

    Report: Out-of-stock risk (filter)

  • Buffer trend

    Report: Buffer Trend

  • Report Overstock Dynamics

    Report: Overstock Dynamics

  • Report  Inventory and Buffer Dynamics

    Report: Inventory and Buffer Dynamics

Results and effects
  • Inventories reduction by 30-60% with availability level increase. Reduction of storage, delivery, movement costs.
  • Correction of inventories and finished goods balance. There are no surplus and lack of inventories.
  • Delivery reliability increase to 98% and lead-time compression. The system allows to provide clients realistic delivery dates.
  • Improvement of the stock replenishment level at clients’ warehouses to 99,6%. Expenses on urgent order accomplishment are minimized.
  • Sales increase by 20%. Operating profit growth.
  • Manufacturing planning cycle is reduced to 1-2 days. Manufacturing process transparency increases, which promotes relevant information exchange and well-coordinated relationships between links of a supply chain.