Inventory level reduction by 30-40%

OTIF (On-Time-In-Full) increased up to 97-100%

Sales Growth by 20%

The aim of the system is to ensure the constant availability of raw materials, semi-products, components, in the right place on time and in the right quantity. By pacing your operations to actual market consumption, gives you the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes – delivering higher service levels, lower lead times, and increased agility.

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System benefits

Intuiflow is a comprehensive inventory managing solution for your supply chain

Provides optimal availability with minimal inventory

The Intuiflow platform leverages AI/ML and Demand Driven methods to help your business adapt to ever changing market conditions. With end-to-end supply chain planning, management, and execution capabilities, it’s a powerful, intuitive suite for optimizing complex global operations.

Kormotech experience with Intuiflow


The approach to inventory management is shifting from a "Push" scheme based on forecast and dependencies in the chain to a "Pull" scheme based on the actual consumption of products. The system determines where to place strategic inventory positions, how to calculate the required quantity and dynamically adjusts these positions using buffers. The system also "decouples" dependencies in the process, thus preventing the transmission of negative trends throughout the chain.

1. Automatic replenishment action
2. Agile control and optimization
3. Planner tasks optimization

Materials Planning Software

Forget the crystal ball, ditch the spreadsheets, and use actual sales order data to ensure smooth materials flow so your business always has what it needs to exceed customer expectations.

Companies have invested billions in ERP systems — yet inventory turnover rates have been stagnant for more than two decades. Intuiflow helps manufacturers optimize material flow by aligning replenishment not to forecasts but to actual market consumption. Drive results with actionable recommendations that leverage Demand Driven planning principles, and real-time sales order data to identify strategic inventory positions and enhance service levels.

  • Simplify Demand Driven Planning
  • Become More Responsive with the Decoupled Lead Time
  • Optimize Order Management
  • Put Everything in the Right Place with the Distribution Planning
  • Intelligently Handle Exceptions and Lifecycle Management

Scheduling & Execution

You can’t manage what you don’t see. If you want to improve performance, you’ve got to improve visibility. Increase productivity and improve stability using real-time market data to drive priorities and adapt to new threats and opportunities. User-friendly modeling, scheduling, and execution capabilities help you assess potential changes and make the best use of your resources.

  • Demand Driven Manufacturing – Execute to Market Demand
  • Increase your Productivity by Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Model and Synchronize Resources
  • Shop Floor Execution, Boost Visibility
  • Improve Operational Stability

Sales and Operations Planning

Be proactive about top priorities with a single source for insights into shifting market dynamics, production and material constraints, and key supplier requirements. Build agility into your business to get ahead of market changes.

  • A Fresh Approach to Sales & Operations Planning
  • Control the Supply Planning Chaos
  • Optimize Inventory Planning
  • Refine Production Plans with the Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Be Prepared for Every “If, Then” – Event Management

Integrated analytics

  • The overall dynamics of the inventory level in monetary terms and the buffer trend % detail in each buffer zone.
  • Overstock dynamics. Helps identify the excess stock and who caused it.
  • Shows the dynamics of stock outs and critically low inventory level. Ability to track the stock out parts with the demand. It is possible to identify issues and take action to solve them.

  • Workbench

    Desktop (workbench)

  • Tools planner s workbench

    Tools: planner’s workbench

  • Tools planner s workbench analytics

    Tools: planner’s workbench – analytics

  • Report Out of stock risk by planners

    Report: Out-of-stock risk by planners

  • Report Overstocks by planners

    Report: Overstocks by planners

  • Report Buffer status

    Report: Buffer status

  • Out of stock risk filter

    Report: Out-of-stock risk (filter)

  • Buffer trend

    Report: Buffer Trend

  • Report Overstock Dynamics

    Report: Overstock Dynamics

  • Report  Inventory and Buffer Dynamics

    Report: Inventory and Buffer Dynamics

Key results
  • Bring service levels up to as high as 99% or greater 
  • Optimizing product flow and inventory
  • Improve due date performance and stabilize schedules
  • Compress lead times by up to 80%
  • Focus on priorities instead of conflicting message
  • Reduce working capital requirements