System benefits

ABM Cashflow is an application for cash flow management in the company.

Everything you need for purchasing order management and cash receipt, payment calendar creation, company’s cash flow forecasting and analysis. It can work independently or be integrated with any accounting and ERP system.

  • SaaS

    Doesn’t require purchase, installation and support. You pay only for what you use. Costs for IT staff are not required.

  • Reliable and safe

    Access 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Data protection and safety on data-center servers in Germany.

  • Professional

    Implementation, training and maintenance by our team. More than 10 years of expert experience and sets of successful projects.

ABM Cashflow system functionality

The system allows to execute the complete cycle of company’s cash management: predict and analyze cash flow, perform checked and approved with all participants payments.


Forecasting for a long period – quarter, half a year or year.

  • Data loading (Excel, 1C.).
  • Introduced plans adjustment from the Cash Flow report.
  • Assistant to receipts planning of and payments for credits.

Requests for payment and receipt

  • Budget control.
  • Automatic request creation (according to the schedule).
  • The schedule of coordination and coordination from the list.
  • Chat on request and notifications.
  • Change history.

Payment Calendar

Money receiving plan, requests on payment and remaining balance on days for specified period, with adjustment opportunities:

  • Payment transfer by dates and payments separation.
  • Payment account determination and transfer between accounts.
  • Currency purchase/sale.
  • Payment approval and transition for payment.

Cash Flow Analysis

Treasurer and finance director can analyze the forecast and fact of money movement by means of reports:

  • Cash flow structure analysis (waterfall).
  • Standard Cash Flow report.
  • Flow dynamics analysis.
  • Report_ABM Cashflow

    Report_ABM Cashflow

  • Cash flow - план, факт

    Calendar_ABM Cashflow

  • Automated payment process_ABM Cashflow

    Automated payment process_ABM Cashflow

  • Mechanisms of payment control

    Mechanisms of payment control_ABM Cashflow

  • Forecast_ABM Cashflow

    Forecast_ABM Cashflow

Results from ABM Cashflow usage

ABM Cashflow — a full set of tools for the company’s cash flow management:

  • Operational planning, payments forecasting.
  • Adjusted business processes of payment control of and cash receipt.
  • Payment calendar.
  • Exchanges with accounting systems and client bank.
  • Plan / fact reporting.
  • Support, training and consultation.