Improved inventory turnover by 20% for network IZHTREYDING

Case Study of “Implementation ABM Inventory auto-order and stock management system in Retail Network IZHTREYDING. Trading network “IZHTREYDING” is a rapidly growing food retail company. leader of retail trade in Udmurt Republic, with stores in Izhevsk, Votkinsk, Sarapul, Mozhga, Glazov, Neftekamsk, Nizhnekamsk, Yanaul, Chaikovskiy. The total number of stores amounts to 90. The network comprises of…


Online warehouse management

How to organize online warehouse management and what nuances should pay attention to   Who uses the online warehouse management Is it necessary for you to manage warehouse online? How to choose WMS? The warehouse management system (WMS) evolution is like the evolution of other software solutions. Initially, it was the movement and storage of…


Supply chain management

Article covers the supply chain management with the use of Theory of Constraints (TOC) approach. The TOC suggests to consider the supply chain as an integrated system and when making a decision on each level of the supply chain, one should focus on the global optimization, rather than on the local improvements, as it often happens….


Inventory management in a trading company

Currently, the effective inventory management at a trading company and ability to respond quickly to market changes are the decisive competitive advantages of both the major retail chains and the small “neighborhood” stores. Inventory in trading is the main capital, thanks to which the trading business exists actually. Procurement managers make hundreds or even thousands…


Inventory management as a key driver of company profit

We offer you to look at the case regarding optimization of inventory management using the example of retail chain The main distinguishing feature of the leading companies is the continuous control of quality at all working stages. For the purposes of qualitative improvement of control over the inventory management system, company’s management team asked ABM…


Inventory distribution

Distribution of the inventory in the retail trade and distribution has the direct influence on a company’s profit. We would like to provide the real-world example here how an inefficient distribution of inventory brought losses to the company. And how optimization of the inventory distribution processes from the suppliers and inside the trading chain improved the…


How to define the Economic Order Quantity. Success story retail

About the company Economic order quantity, delivery schedule, inventory level and other prerequisites Reasons of choosing the system to define the economic order quantity Economic order quantity, reducing the level of lost sales and other results of the project If your company deals with the small business, then it will be quite simple for you…


Assortment optimization in retail

At first glance, assortment optimization in retail seems to be a background task, though it often hides the significant possibilities for growth of profits. Please find hereby a case of an international production company that optimized the management of its product assortment based on the Theory of Constraints. Preconditions Indian company Fleetguard Filters Pvt Ltd…


Product assortment optimization

Formation and product assortment optimization in store are the processes that are closely related with company’s economic indicators. Surface assortment management can cause profits reduction and regular customer loss. Besides, if sales forecasting is a basis for assortment management, then the optimization cannot be driven by the actual customer demand . This certainly leads to…


Assortment optimization

Product assortment optimization becomes irreplaceable in view of modern trends of increasing the product versatility. There is a need to keep a bigger amount of different stock keeping units (SKU). Each separate stock unit requires a separate managing. However, the limitedness of money forces managers to design a single policy in order to manage all…


Inventory optimization in the “Barvinok” retail chain

With the purpose of Inventory optimization “Barvinok” retail chain management team chose the expert team of ABM Cloud Company and the system of inventory management optimization called ABM Inventory. “Barvinok” retail chain opened its first store in 2001. Since the beginning of its activities, the “Barvinok” retail chain has been expanding its existence on market…


Inventory optimization of the “Argon” chain

Inventory optimization of the “Argon” chain with help of the ABM Cloud solution enables to hold the leadership positions of the chain at the regional market. The trading chain possesses a powerful organizational and innovative potential – it develops constantly, as well as improves and modernizes its work standards. Currently, the trading chain of the…

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